Dale Earnhardt Jr. Can’t Wait to Showcase a $190,000 Family Treasure to Honor His Father

Over the years, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has worked toward keeping his father’s NASCAR legacy prominent. These efforts have guided him to come into possession of various items from his dad’s racing career. All this has guided Earnhardt Jr. toward honoring his father by using a $190,000 family treasure.

Dale Earnhardt spent $190,000 to acquire one of his dad’s old car

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Since stepping into retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has ramped up his efforts in acquiring items from his father’s illustrious NASCAR career.

During an episode of the Dale Jr. Download podcast in April 2019, Earnhardt revealed that he found his dad’s 1984 Goodrich black No. 8 car that won six Cup Series races. The vehicle was initially a Pontiac Ventura before being altered into a nova.

Over the years, it had been used as a vintage racing car, which included participating in a couple of races at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.

Earnhardt Jr. finally located the car listed in an auction in April that year, which Rick Hendrick helped him purchase for $190,000. Following the acquisition, he still had some questions concerning the authenticity of the vehicle.

He first found visual evidence of hammer pounding marks to the floorboard that his dad did to lower his driver’s seat. The 46-year-old then finally got the confirmation he wanted after matching up the uneven holes drilled into the driver’s side door to a photo of himself into the vehicle from 1986.

After a couple of years of detailed restoration, Earnhardt Jr. has revealed some special plans ahead for the car to honor his father.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. can’t wait to showcase a $190,000 family treasure to honor his father

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Since Dale Earnhardt Jr. purchased his dad’s old No.8 stock car, he has worked progressively toward restoring the vehicle.

The project has opened the door for him to honor his father in a unique way as it was revealed last week that Earnhardt Jr. will use it as the pace car for the Xfinity race at Darlington Raceway in May.

“I am really nervous only because I don’t want to have a problem that affects the race,” Earnhardt said on his Dale Jr. Download podcast on Tuesday. “You don’t want to do anything that’s going to mess with the show. Hopefully, it’s going to look beautiful on the race track.”

The 46-year-old spent the last few weeks doing the repairs to car to prepare it for the upcoming event. Earnhardt Jr. recently posted various videos on social media, including driving the car around an empty industrial parking lot. Several prominent NASCAR figures such as Mark Martin and Bubba Wallace voiced their excitement over social media.

All in all, it’s another special opportunity for Earnhardt Jr. to strengthen his connection to his father by driving the 1986 Nova.

Another chance to remember his father

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Since his father’s death, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has made a considerable effort toward maintaining his bond with his father.

Earnhardt Jr. has used his financial means to help him acquire items from his father’s NASCAR career, such as the 1984 nova. These are things that help him stay connected to his father and hold a special place in his heart.

The opportunity to showcase a piece of his dad’s car to the world will also give NASCAR fans another unique moment to remember the legendary driver. Although he passed away two decades ago, Dale Earnhardt still remains a significant part of the sport’s history.