Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Sister Confirms His Unrelenting Desire to Race on the NASCAR Track

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has spent his entire life around racing that led to a Hall of Fame NASCAR career. Earnhardt Jr. has ventured into retirement over the last few years, but it hasn’t been easy. His passion for racing has guided his sister Kelly Earnhardt Miller to make a definitive stance about her brother.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. retires from NASCAR racing career

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Following more than two decades as a NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. chose to step into retirement in 2017.

Earnhardt Jr.’s decision materialized not long after his serious health issues involving concussion-like symptoms. His choice came on his terms, but it took him out of the sport during the prime of his career.

The move has seen him make a swift transition to the broadcast booth and channel himself through his weekly Dale Jr. Download podcast. However, Earnhardt Jr. has been unable to contain his passion for the sport.

His journey in retirement has come with a challenging hurdle that he’s struggling to get past.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s sister confirms his unrelenting desire to race on the NASCAR track

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It’s been no secret that over the last year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. misses racing.

Earnhardt Jr. has remained around the sport in a significant capacity that has only fueled his love and passion for the profession. During an interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger in April 2020, his sister Kelly Earnhardt Miller admitted that her brother misses competing on the NASCAR track.

“He’s is really eating this moment up ,” Earnhardt Miller said. “I think it’s something for him that he’s mentioned publicly that he misses racing. He didn’t really miss it at first when he retired, but he’s been missing it in the last several months.

“I think this is feeling a void and gap that he can participate in that his peers on the track are participating in too.”

Earnhardt Jr. has been a massive proponent of participating in iRacing while helping fuel its rise over the last several months. It has been a gateway for him to keep a feel on the sport where he spent more than two decades behind the wheel.

He has continued to play iRacing daily as it’s become a significant part of his regular life routine. As he continues to spread his wings in retirement, his love for competing on the track only grows stronger.

Passion to compete on the NASCAR track remains strong

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s passion for racing is something that he hasn’t been able to channel completely into any other avenue.

All that has continued to spill over with him voicing that he misses competing on the track. Earnhardt Jr. went that route yet again this past week during the latest episode of the Dale Jr. Download podcast.

When the 46-year-old discussed his raw emotions after Josh Berry’s first Xfinity Series race win, he couldn’t help but state that he misses driving “really really bad.”

“I have been missing race pretty bad recently and I don’t know how to (deal with it),” Earnhardt said. “It’s gotten worse as I have moved away from the day I retired. It’s not gotten easier, It’s gotten harder to come to terms with the fact that my career is over. That’s it.”

Earnhardt Jr. has come to terms that his racing career is behind him, but it’s been difficult for him to ignore his desire to drive. Nothing fills that void in his life, as even living through others such as Berry’s race win only strengthens those emotions.

It’s a constant battle that Earnhardt Jr. has fully grasp, but his acknowledgment of his feelings should help him find a resolution.