If the Dallas Cowboys’ Offense Continues to Struggle, Dak Prescott & Co. May Lose a Decent Chunk of Change to Their Defensive Teammates

Remember when Dak Prescott was in the NFL MVP conversation? Well, that seems like a long time ago.

The Dallas Cowboys‘ offense has struggled big-time over the past few weeks, and the reason why Mike McCarthy’s team has won games is largely due to their top-notch defense.

But the chemistry is still at a high level in Dallas, and if Prescott and the offense keep on struggling, they could surrender a nice chunk of change to the defense.

How? Well, they have an interesting wager going on.

The Cowboys offense is engaged in a friendly wager with the defense

Yeah, Prescott and the offense have a friendly wager against the defense that started recently. Simply put, it is the offense scoring touchdowns against the defense forcing turnovers.

The prize? A vacation, paid by the losing unit.

So far, the defense is off to a wailing lead. Against the New York Giants, the offense scored just a pair of touchdowns while the defense forced turnovers against the NFC East foe.

But, there are a lot of games left to play, and running back Ezekiel Elliott is all in on the wager (h/t Stefan Stevenson of Yahoo Sports).

“I think it’s a good wager. They beat us pretty bad last week. We got to bounce back this week. A little competition, pushing each other. Those are two very important parts of winning football games. Scoring and taking the ball away. It’s a good contest for the team.”

Ezekiel Elliott on the Cowboys wager

It just might push each side a little bit more, especially with the struggles of the offense as of late.

The Cowboys offense is in the midst of some unreal struggles and are looking to snap out of it

What a difference a few weeks makes, right?

Prescott and the offense were firing on all cylinders at the start of the year. But over the past six weeks, it has been an entirely different story.

On paper, the Cowboys still boast the top offense in the NFL in yards per game and second in points scored per game. However, they have scored just five times in the past three games despite winning two.

Plain and simple, the offense needs to figure it out, and wide receiver Amari Cooper mentioned his frustrations with his involvement in the offense.

However, the new wager might be just the motivation Prescott and the group needs (h/t Jori Epstein of USA Today).

“We’re trying to peak at the right time, make sure we’re heading into the postseason with momentum, playing some of our best ball. Our defense is doing that. Our offense still has some growth to do. Our expectations, our standards are way up there. So we’re going to keep pushing it until we get there. And then push past that.”

Dak Prescott

Well, hopefully that’s the case. The Cowboys have clinched a playoff spot, so they don’t need to worry on that end. But the offense needs to find a way to get back to its early-season form.

Jerry Jones is all aboard the offense vs. defense wager as well

Sure, the wager is just for fun, but that doesn’t mean the defense will go easy. After all, a bet is a bet, and Lawrence fully expects Dak and the offense to pay up at the end of the season.


Amari Cooper’s Little Problem With the Cowboys Offense Is a Nice One to Have

The Dallas defense is relentless, with Micah Parson and Trevon Diggs named to the Pro Bowl. Moreover, Jerry Jones loves what he sees and even compared it to the Deion Sanders Michael Irvin days (h/t Jori Epstein).

“I love that. I’ve seen some of the most productive growth in teams when they’ve been doing a little wagering … Deion and Michael and the defense and offense used to bet 50,000 (dollars) a practice on 2-minute drill as to who won the 2-minute drill. We had to stop that.”

Jerry Jones on the team’s wager

Interesting. So the Prescott-Lawrence wager reminds Jones of the Sanders-Irvin wager. That bodes well for the Cowboys if anything.

As the last few weeks of the regular season go by, it will be interesting to see if the offense eventually has to pay up and send the defense on vacation or not. Of course, forcing turnovers is terrific for the defense, but this is all about the offense failing to score touchdowns.

Perhaps a change is on the horizon in Dallas.