Dan Le Batard Currently Makes a Lot of Money at ESPN

There have been reports that ESPN Radio could be making some huge changes around the network. The changes could include longtime personality Dan Le Batard. It is unclear what this will 100% mean for Le Batard and the other people who have also been mentioned in the reports. However, one thing is clear, Le Batard makes a good amount of money with the network right now.

Dan Le Batard has been at ESPN for a long time

In February 1998, Dan Le Batard joined ESPN The Magazine as a contributor, according to ESPN Press Room. In addition to his work with the magazine, Le Batard hosted a weekly Sunday morning show on ESPN Radio. He was then also a reporter for ESPN’s College GameDay, Sunday Night Conversation, and Outside the Lines, according to ESPN Press Room.

Le Batard has hosted a TV show called Highly Questionable since 2011, also according to ESPN Press Room. His dad and another host join him and discuss sports in a funny way. He has also had his own radio show called The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. That show made its debut in 2015.

Le Batard has had some strong opinions over the years and has had some issues with ESPN. In July, he challenged the network’s policy on politics and called the network “cowardly” while also denouncing President Donald Trump, according to the New York Post. Back in 2014, ESPN suspended him for two days after he bought multiple billboards in the Akron/Cleveland area that were directed at LeBron James. The billboards had the two rings James won with the Miami Heat on them and said “You’re Welcome, LeBron. Love, Miami,” according to the Miami Herald.

ESPN Radio could make massive changes

Dan Le Batard could be removed from ESPN Radio. He would still keep his TV show, though. Le Batard actually makes a lot of money at ESPN.
The ESPN logo before the Fiesta Bowl college football playoff semifinal game between the Clemson Tigers and the Ohio State Buckeyes. | Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Post reported recently that ESPN Radio could be making huge changes soon. The changes could include Dan Le Batard. Le Batard has more than a year still on his contract, but his show does not fall in line with what an ESPN executive wants on the network’s shows, according to the Post. ESPN could take Le Batard off of the radio. They could still have his TV show, and he would still continue doing his podcast, according to the New York Post. 

In addition to Le Batard, Trey Wingo’s contract is up this year, so ESPN is considering a change with Golic & Wingo, according to the New York Post. Mike Greenberg could potentially get a midday slot on the radio too. First Take’s Max Kellerman could be included in this change somehow as well.

Nothing has been confirmed on any of this yet, though, as ESPN declined to comment to the New York Post. 

Le Batard makes a lot of money at ESPN

Because of Dan Le Batard being at ESPN for so long, the network pays a lot of money to obtain his talents. The New York Post and the Miami Herald both reported that Le Batard makes around $3.5 million per year. No, that is not as high as guys like Mike Greenberg or Stephen A. Smith, but that is still a lot of money. 

With all of the money that Le Batard has made in his career, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that his net worth is $1 million.

Dan Le Batard has been one of the most well-known personalities on ESPN Radio for years. He has some strong opinions, but that makes for fantastic sports talk radio. It would be a significant change for him not to be on the radio anymore. No matter what happens, though, he has undoubtedly made a lot of money with the network already.