Dan Orlovsky Demolishes Max Kellerman for His Drew Brees Take: ‘You’re Out of Your Mind’

With the help of his kids, New Orleans Saints legend Drew Brees officially retired from the NFL on Sunday. The future Hall of Famer posted a video on his Instagram page of his kids announcing to the public that their dad was retiring from football after a brilliant 20-year career.

On Monday’s edition of First Take on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Dan Orlovsky discussed where Drew Drees should be placed on the NFL’s all-time QB list. When Kellerman revealed his Brees take, Orlovsky couldn’t believe what he was listening to.

Max Kellerman says Drew Brees isn’t a top-tier QB of all time

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Max Kellerman believes Drew Brees isn’t a top-tier QB of all time despite the gunslinger being first in NFL history in passing yards, completions, and completion percentage. Brees is also second in touchdown passes to Tom Brady.

“He was never the best player in the league, almost never really the second-best player in the league. And so if you’re talking about the absolute–like who are the greatest of the greatest–there was Brady and Peyton (Manning) and then (Aaron) Rodgers. Brees was not quite there,” Kellerman said. “If you’re asking me is he in the top-tier of the all-time, then you’re forcing me to say no.”

Brees made 13 Pro Bowls and won one Super Bowl. However, he never won an MVP Award and was only 9-9 in the playoffs with the Chargers and Saints.

While Max Kellerman stated that Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks ever and will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, the ESPN pundit doesn’t have the 42-year-old as a top-five QB of all time.

Once Dan Orlovsky heard what Kellerman had to say, he went off.

Dan Orlovsky to Max Kellerman: ‘You’re Out of Your Mind’

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Former NFL signal-caller Dan Orlovsky was shocked by Max Kellerman’s Drew Brees take. He said Kellerman was “out of his mind” for not putting Brees as a top-tier QB of all time.

“You’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind. I love you, you’re out of your mind,” Orlovsky said. “He’s first in a bunch of statistical categories. The one he’s second in is behind Tom Brady. He never had a consistent defense the way that Aaron Rodgers did or the way that Tom Brady did, or the way that Peyton Manning did. And you’re allowing a freak play–the Minnesota miracle–or a horrific officiating situation against the Rams to change your view because he’s got a ton of statistical rankings, he’s one of the greatest ever when it comes to all that stuff, he’s got his Super Bowl trophy, he revitalized the city, like what else would he have needed to do to say that he’s in a top-tier?

“You can’t knock Drew Brees for playing in the same era as the greatest quarterback ever in Tom Brady.”

The narrative around Drew Brees might be different if he won two Super Bowls instead of one. Regardless, Dan Orlovsky thinks Max Kellerman is being very disrespectful to Brees.

Taking a look at Drew Brees’ numbers

In 287 games with the Chargers and Saints, Drew Brees threw for 80,358 yards and racked up 571 passing touchdowns. He went 172-114 in the regular season and compiled a quarterback rating of 98.7.

Brees had 36 fourth-quarter comebacks and 53 game-winning drives. His next stop will be the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Stats courtesy of Football Reference.