Dana White Has Already Chosen Conor McGregor’s UFC Fate for the Rest of 2020

It’s always an entertaining circus when Conor McGregor is involved in any UFC matter. McGregor has taken things an interesting route again with another dive into retirement back in June. That hasn’t stopped the chatter around him fighting in the octagon another time. With that in mind, UFC President Dana White has brought much-needed clarity to that front for at least this year.

Conor McGregor says he’s retired again

Conor McGregor had an impressive return to the octagon earlier this year with a convincing win over Donald Cerrone.

Throughout that, McGregor voiced a strong desire to continue to fight as he believes he’s still in his physical prime. However, he changed his tune a bit after voicing back on June 6 that he would be stepping away from his craft again. McGregor cited that he didn’t like sitting around for another fight and that he was happy with the decision to step away.

Despite him stating that he’s done fighting, the talk around him has centered on another comeback. It isn’t the first time that he announced on social media that he wasn’t going to continue his career. With that all in mind, Dana White has aired out McGregor’s plans for 2020 for him.

Dana White says Conor McGregor won’t fight in 2020

Since Conor McGregor chose to step away from fighting, UFC President Dana White has continued to deal with lingering questions about the former lightweight champion’s future.

White hasn’t shied away from questions about McGregor concerning any potential return fights. During a recent interview on “My Mom’s Basement,” he sternly voiced that the 32-year-old will not be in the octagon for the rest of 2020. (H/T Yahoo Sports)

“This year, he’s retired,” White said in an interview on “My Mom’s Basement.” “He doesn’t have a fight this year, and he won’t have a fight this year. Conor McGregor will not fight in 2020.

“I’m not saying he won’t fight in 2021, but I’m telling you we don’t have a fight planned for him in 2021. But I guarantee you he will not fight in 2020. Conor McGregor is retired.”

White’s statement can’t be any more definite than that regarding McGregor’s plans for at least this year. It’s been quite challenging to read the star fighter’s intentions, but the UFC isn’t interested in waiting around to get him back for another bout. White has also been firm about his stance that a fighter should retire if they are thinking about doing it.

McGregor isn’t any different in that regard, but this isn’t the first time that he’s announced his retirement. That said, 2021 could be a much different story.

Will he return in 2021?


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Dana White has officially closed the books on Conor McGregor for 2020, but that could be a different story for 2021.

Granted, it’s still quite a way off from now, the door may be open to a return if the situation is right. That may come in the form of a fight against the winner of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje in at UFC 254 in October. Gaethje is coming off an impressive win over Tony Ferguson.

McGregor recently trashed talked to Khabib by stating he would “s—-ing his pants” when he faces off against Gaethje in a couple of months. The rivalry is there, which could open the door for him to avenge that loss. There is much that can change, but it’s hard to shut the door entirely on McGregor not fighting again.