Dana White Will Never Sign Logan or Jake Paul to the UFC Because He Learned His Lesson With CM Punk

Logan Paul has become one of the most infamous internet stars. One of his latest claims to fame has been his participation in, essentially, celebrity boxing matches against the likes of KSI and, soon enough, Floyd Mayweather. Despite his fame, the UFC’s president, Dana White, will almost certainly never sign him to the organization.

Logan Paul’s combat sports experience

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While Paul’s claim to fame largely comes from his media work, he’s actually more athletic than the average person. He played football in high school, and he was even a pretty good wrestler in high school, too, reports DAZN. Plus, he obviously boxed KSI not once, but twice. KSI is a British YouTuber who also had limited combat sports experience, so the two were fairly matched. 

They both clearly trained for the fight. However, despite being the bigger fighter and showing some clear boxing fundamentals, Paul seemed to gas out in the later rounds of their first fight, details DAZN, allowing KSI to win those rounds. As such, the judges overall declared the fight as a draw, and the two YouTubers agreed to a rematch not long after.

Their second fight wasn’t that different from the first. Paul’s size and strength were apparent, but he still appeared to get tired in the later rounds. Unlike the first fight though, the judges ultimately gave the win to KSI. But, it was a close fight nonetheless, and one judge did think that Paul had won. 

Logan Paul will probably never join the UFC because of CM Punk

Jake Paul celebrates with his brother, Logan Paul, after a fight
Jake Paul(L) with his brother, Logan Paul | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Even though Paul has never actually won a single professional fight, either in the boxing ring or in the octagon, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about a UFC debut. In some ways, it makes sense. Paul did wrestle in high school, and his boxing skills weren’t half bad. Plus, unlike most UFC stars, Paul is actually famous. Joining the UFC could be good for business for both parties.

But that’s probably unlikely to happen, and the reason why: CM Punk. The UFC is always on the lookout for big stars; people will pay money to watch Conor McGregor fight, but not necessarily someone unknown like Uros Medic. That’s why hiring someone with an established fan base could be an easy way for the UFC to make money. 

The UFC tried to do that when it signed CM Punk, a former WWE wrestler. While his fans loved him, he just clearly was not cut out for the job.

CM Punk’s UFC history and how Dana White learned his lesson

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In late 2014, CM Punk retired from the WWE and announced he was joining the UFC. He was inexperienced, so he needed time to train for his debut. Punk made his debut in late 2016 against Mickey Gall. A lot of his fans paid to watch his debut, but it was over in about two minutes. Gall choked him out pretty quickly.

Undeterred, CM Punk continued training, and he made his return in 2018 against Mike Jackson. Jackson was a very inexperienced fighter, but even he was able to beat up CM Punk. After this, Punk called it quits and was released from the UFC. 

These gimmick fights probably taught Dana White a lesson or two. As Dexerto reports, White refused to allow Paul to join the UFC, and he even went as far as to say that Paul would “get murdered” in a real UFC fight. And even if Paul didn’t get murdered, like CM Punk, the best that Paul could expect is to get beat up for 15 minutes in a one-sided fight, and the UFC simply doesn’t want that.