Danica Patrick Is as High on Her Cooking Abilities as She Is About Her Racing Skills

Former NASCAR star Danica Patrick has spent her whole life proving that she isn’t much different than the rest of her racing competition.

Arguably the greatest female driver in history, Patrick let her driving do the talking whether she raced in the IndyCar series or at the Cup Series level.

At the end of the day, Patrick was just like everyone else, on and off the track. Patrick is a human with a devotion to hobbies — and in her case, she is a big fan of cooking and preparing food.

Danica Patrick had a memorable NASCAR career

In 191 races over seven years at the Cup Series level, Danica Patrick never recorded a victory.

That goose egg on her final record shouldn’t tell the whole story. Patrick held her own in NASCAR and recorded seven top-10 finishes.

Originally a successful IndyCar racer, Patrick tried to leave a major impact in the Cup Series. Patrick finished as high as 24th in the Cup Series standings — a feat she reached in 2015 and 2016 — and showed women interested in NASCAR that someone who looked like them could race with the boys.

Patrick has become a big fan of cooking

The majority of people on this planet have hobbies, whether it is binging a favorite show for the 10th time or making origami.

Some NASCAR drivers, including Erik Jones, have tried building classic car collections. 

One of Danica Patrick’s favorite things to do away from the track is much simpler. In a 2016 interview with USA Today, Patrick explained that she has fallen in love with cooking and food preparation over the years.

“I’m pretty much self-taught. I did take a two-day cooking class – just a fun course you can sign up for – in St. Helena, California. We learned about olive oils and salts and peppers and spices. We made pizza on the grill. Presentation was a part of it – I rocked that one, because I like to make my food look good.”

In a 2018 interview with USA Today, Patrick said her favorite dessert recipe is a chocolate cake mug.

Danica Patrick thinks very highly of her cooking skills


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Danica Patrick will happily boast about her cooking abilities.

Patrick is clearly confident in her cooking skills, just as she was about her ability to compete and thrive in the Cup Series. She has appeared on numerous food-related programs over the years, including interviews with celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

In that 2016 interview with USA Today, Patrick explained just how much pride she takes in cooking.

“You know, I even make my food look good when I’m by myself at home,” Patrick said.

Naturally, Patrick cooked for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers when the two were together. However, given their recent breakup, Rodgers may want to hope that any of Patrick’s leftovers that are in his fridge are still good.

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