Daniel Cormier Once Nearly Lost His Life After Cutting Weight

Daniel Cormier has put forth an illustrious MMA career. That has seen him rise to stardom in the UFC to become a household name as one of the top fighters in the industry. However, he experienced some tough times saw him go through some personal struggles. One of which saw him nearly die from cutting weight.

Daniel Cormier MMA’s career

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Daniel Cormier found success in the octagon following a highly successful run through wrestling at the collegiate level and international ranks.

He quickly became a dominant factor in the MMA world that made him a massive draw for Strike Force. Cormier pushed his way to the top of the business behind his tremendous success, which saw him win a couple of heavyweight titles.

That was capped by winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament, which he topped Josh Barnett. Not long after that, Cormier earned the opportunity to compete in the UFC after winning his first 11 fights at Strike Force.

That translated to him continuing that strong stretch in the UFC behind winning the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles. With his last MMA fight on tap against Stipe Miocic, it’s an opportunity to look back at how he nearly lost his life after losing weight.

Daniel Cormier averts death after cutting weight for Olympics

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Before Daniel Cormier found tremendous success in the MMA world, he worked his way into being a talented wrestler.

Cormier wrestled from high school on through college, which earned him the chance to compete for the Olympics. He participated in the men’s freestyle wrestling representing the United States. That saw him reach the top 5 at the Wrestling World Championships in 2003 and 2003. He took the gold medal for Pan American Championships in 2002 and 2003, and bronze at 2007 Rio de Janeiro.

During that time, Cormier was the senior U.S. national champion from 2003 to 2008 while representing the country at the world level each year. He was a member of the 2008 Olympic wrestling team but had to be pulled from the competition after he suffered kidney failure due to excessive weight cutting. He looks back upon as a missed opportunity because of how he managed the situation. (H/T Bloody Elbow)

“It was very challenging, very tough mentally,” Cormier told FOX Sports…

“One day I was real light and I could have made the weight I needed to make in the Olympics that day and the whole day was sad, it was kind of just ruined because I was thinking I missed out an opportunity to win an Olympic gold medal by just not being disciplined and committing myself to what I needed to be committed to.

It was a situation that Cormier could have cost him his life, but it’s a lesson that he has taken with him never to put himself in that situation again.

Last MMA Fight?

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Daniel Cormier is enter the final chapter of his MMA career with a third and final showdown against Stipe Miocic.

The last match saw Miocic get the upper hand after he knocked out Cormier in the fourth round. There was some controversy surrounding that bout regarding eye-poking that forced Miocic to take some time off to improve his vision. The first match between the two legends saw Cormier win behind a first-round knockout.

The trilogy of the match gives the two a final chance to see who holds the upper hand. Cormier’s chance to ride into the sunset with a win over one of the UFC heavyweight greats by garnering the UFC heavyweight title. All that sets up what should be a highly entertaining showdown at UFC 252 on Saturday night.