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Nearly 30 years later, the murder of James Jordan, the father of NBA star Michael Jordan is back in the news. A new five-part documentary titled Moment of Truth debuted April 2 on IMDb TV and has shed some light on Daniel Green’s insistence he never killed James Jordan back in 1993.

From the get-go, Daniel Green said he never killed James Jordan

CHARLOTTE, NC – MARCH 31: Former Laker great James Worthy (L) talks with former Bulls great and Charlotte Bobcats part owner Michael Jordan (R) on the bench during the game between Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Bobcats game at Time Warner Cable Arena on March 31, 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Daniel Green was 18 years old when he was one of two males charged in the death of James Jordan, the father of Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan. Green was arrested, along with his good friend Larry Demery, then 17, and both were sentenced to life in prison. James Jordan’s badly decomposed body was found in a swamp in August of 1993.

Green has maintained he was never present for the shooting of Jordan, who had apparently pulled over to the side of the road after a long drive. He admitted to having helped Demery dispose of the body after Demery had returned to a party they both attended earlier that night. Green had said Demery left the party and came back panic-stricken asking for Green’s help.

The two friends have different versions of what happened that night. Demery testified in court that it was Green who shot James Jordan after a botched robbery attempt. Both have been in prison since Jordan’s death, but Demery has been paroled and is expected to be released in 2023.

‘Moment of Truth’ raises some questions

Larry Demery testified at their trial in 1996 that his friend Daniel Green was the one who pulled the trigger. He said Green shot James Jordan as he slept in his Lexus that pulled over to the side of the road. Moment of Truth hints that Demery and Green may have been threatened with the death penalty and forced to go at each other until one gave in.

The documentary also reveals there was no visible blood in the car after the shooting. This is where Green’s attorney, Chris Mumma, who appeared in the documentary, came to represent Green. “I first became involved in Daniel’s case because of the blood issue,” she said, according to Fox News. “What was called blood was shown to the jury. I do not believe scientifically it could be called blood. I don’t think there’s any evidence that there was any blood in the car whatsoever. So that was the first issue. But then the more I learned about the case, the more I learned that there were many issues about (it).”

Mumma also said there was no bullet hole in the shirt James Jordan was wearing. “There’s the trajectory of the bullet, the lack of the bullet hole in the shirt, the clear pitting between Daniel Green and Larry Demery against each other with the threats of the death penalty being used,” Mumma said.

Green’s attorney said there was tons of pressure to get the case solved


When Did the Killers Realize It Was Michael Jordan’s Father They Murdered?

Chris Mumma, Daniel Green’s attorney, believes the murder of Michael Jordan’s father was such a highly publicized case that there was tremendous pressure to get it solved. She said the case started out to be a normal one, but once it was discovered the body was of James Jordan, the case moved rather quickly.

“This went from an unidentified John Doe found in the swamp to the identification of James Jordan to the immediate effort to move this case as quickly as possible,” Mumma said, according to Fox News. “And then both boys were looking at the death penalty. The case actually moved much faster than any case would move today. So I definitely think there was pressure for closing it.

“Anytime you have a high profile case, there’s going to be more public pressure to solve it, whether it’s coming from the family themselves, the community or just media pressure. Obviously, with the connection to Michael Jordan, this case had tremendous pressure.”