Daniel Jones Will Follow the Dak Prescott Development Route With Giants

The New York Giants have moved forward with Daniel Jones as the future of the franchise under center. Eli Manning’s retirement has put another stamp on that notion, with Jones holding the starting job firmly as the centerpiece of the offense alongside Saquon Barkley. The Giants have made some interesting moves this offseason that further emphasis that point with their focus on honing on molding their young quarterback toward being a guiding factor to tremendous success for the franchise. That, in many ways, could mirror what the Dallas Cowboys did with Dak Prescott.

Daniel Jones’ first NFL season

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The Giants initially received plenty of criticism in the 2019 NFL draft with the decision to take former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick.

The belief was that they might have chosen the wrong player with former Ohio State product Dwayne Haskins on the board. The chatter around New York continued until Jones got his opportunity to play after the team elected to bench Manning in favor of the 23-year-old.

Jones had an impressive showing in his first start guiding the Giants back from a double-digit deficit against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers behind four total touchdowns. Following that game, he had his ups and downs but showed promise that he could be a guiding force for the franchise. He finished with 3,027 passing yards along with 24 touchdowns to 12 interceptions and an 87.7 passer rating.

The Giants are moving full steam ahead with Jones as the franchise cornerstone that could see them take a similar approach to the situation that one of their rivals recently did.

How the Giants will approaching developing Daniel Jones

The Giants have been busy shaping their team this offseason that includes many new players and entirely different coaching staff after hiring first-year head coach Joe Judge.

Among those changes saw them bring aboard former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett as their offensive coordinator. With that in mind, former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci recently voiced on NFL Network that he believes New York will handle the development of Daniel Jones like Dallas did with Dak Prescott. (H/T NJ.com)

“Based on how [Garret] likes to play offense, with that No. 1 offense in the NFL,” former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci recently said on NFL Network. “Was running the ball first, and he’s got a guy who can do that in Saquon Barkley.

“So, Daniel Jones is going to be developed like Dak Prescott. Play good defense if you can, run the ball if you must, and let’s wing it gradually.”

The Cowboys had gone with the approach of leaning heavily into the running game with their star running back Ezekiel Elliott leading the charge. That allowed Prescott to pick his spots and become a more efficient passer.

The Giants can mimic that game plan a bit with their star running back Saquon Barkley being the workhorse in the backfield. It will take off much of the pressure for Jones to fill obligated to carry the offense and ease him along in his development.

Daniel Jones is the Giants’ future

The Giants have the pieces in place to bring along Daniel Jones in the manner that they hope.

New York has young talent around Jones in Barkley, Evan Engram, and Sterling Shepard along with a potentially improved offensive line. The Giants are still a bit away from being a Super Bowl contender, but the team could take some notable strides in 2020 if their young core can continue to improve.

Jones can secure his spot as the future of the franchise, and it will have to start next season.