Darius Leonard Has a Strong Message for the Indianapolis Colts’ Next Quarterback

The past few seasons at quarterback have been unusual for the Indianapolis Colts. They’ve had a rotating door at the position after years of stability between Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Entering the offseason, Indy is once again on the hunt for a quarterback. Whoever they sign will be backed up by Darius Leonard and a stout Colts defense.

Finding the next signal-caller to lead the franchise is a tedious and important task. For Leonard, he couldn’t care less about who will be the Colts’ next quarterback. He is more focused on the next guy coming in and adapting the team.

Darius Leonard doesn’t care who the Colts choose as their next quarterback 

With Philip Rivers retiring from the NFL after 17 seasons, the Colts are looking for his replacement. Team owner Jim Irsay said that he is looking for their next quarterback to have a “veteran vision.” The team has plenty of options available to them, but Darius Leonard isn’t concerned with the team’s QB search. All he wants is for the quarterback to invest in the Colts.

“I honestly don’t care who’s the quarterback, as long as the quarterback comes in with the right mentality and they’re gonna help us win ballgames. I don’t care if he’s young, I don’t care if he’s old, I don’t care if he’s well-known or not. If you’re going to come in and put the team first and help us win ballgames, come on down to the Indianapolis Colts,” said Leonard via Sirius XMRadio.

The Colts linebacker has been outspoken about potential additions to the team’s roster. He tweeted a message to all free agents but specifically mentioned defensive free agents. He laid out some rules for them if they want to join Indianapolis’ defense. Leonard is hoping incoming players buy into the Colts’ mentality.

Being the leader of the defense and arguably the Colts’ best player, Darius Leonard is sending a strong message to all potential free-agent additions. However, he is only the player and can’t approve or veto any trade or signing the team makes. That is where he leaves it up to the organization to make these offseason decisions.

Darius Leonard is putting his trust in the front office

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Obviously, the quarterback position is the most important in football, maybe in all of the sports. The Colts have been patient during the search, assessing the market and waiting for the right deal to come. Darius Leonard is an NFL All-Pro, but he is no general manager. He is leaving it up to Chris Ballard and the front office to find the team’s future signal-caller.

“I’m gonna just trust the guys up front in the front office and then let the chips fall where they fall and control what I can control on defense, and that is just playing hard and just doing what we can do,” Leonard said.

Indianapolis’ front office has become one of the best in the NFL after getting rid of Ryan Grigson. Ballard has done a masterful job of handling the team’s salary, as they will have considerable cap space this offseason. The Colts traded their first-rounder last year for DeForest Buckner, which paid dividends for the team’s defense.

The Colts currently have one quarterback under contract on their roster that season. Jacob Eason, their fourth-round draft pick in 2020, is the only quarterback, so the team desperately needs one. What are their options, and who are they pursuing to be their net signal-caller.

Who could be the Colts’ next quarterback?

There’s an expectation that there will be a lot of quarterback movement in the NFL this offseason. Many teams are looking to trade their current quarterback, which expands the plethora of options for the Indianapolis Colts. Indy seems to have their eye on one quarterback, which isn’t a surprise because of the rumors swirling around the team and the QB.

The Colts have contacted the Philadelphia Eagles about Carson Wentz, who is on the way out of Philly. The relationship between Wentz and Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich is the primary reason the team is interested in Wentz’s services. Reich was his offensive coordinator during his standout season in 2017. The hope is being with Reich in Indy will help Wentz revive his career.

Despite the interest, Indy isn’t going to give up a lot for him. The Eagles asking price for Wentz is high, with them wanting a similar deal the Lions got for Matthew Stafford. After the kind of season Wentz had in 2020, that kind of haul isn’t going to happen. The Colts have stood firm with their offer, hoping the Eagles will lower their price based on the market reaction.

The Colts are continuing to look for the future quarterback, and Darius Leonard isn’t concerned. He just wants the next guy under center to prioritize the team and winning football games. The Colts’ best player is setting the tone for anybody interested in joining the team, quarterback included.