Davante Adams’ Contract Demands Got Even Bigger After Christian Kirk’s Eye-Popping $84 Million Deal

NFL free agency kicked off with a massive bang. Before any deals were announced, Green Bay Packers star wide receiver told the team that he would not play on the franchise tag in the 2022 season.

So, the Packers need to find a way to keep Adams happy after inking Aaron Rodgers to a monster contract to keep him around for the next few years, hopefully.

But, things just got even more difficult for the Packers after Christian Kirk signed an unreal $84 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, one that drastically changed the wide receiver market. The Packers have to pay Adams more than that — far more, to be frank — and it might not be feasible.

The free agent wide receiver market got off to a hot start with the Jaguars backing up the Brinks truck for Christian Kirk

Yes, this is the contract for Kirk. The Arizona Cardinals let Kirk test the market, and he wound up kicking things off in a big way.

The Jaguars have the cap space and went aggressive on the first day of the tampering period, agreeing to deals with several players in hopes of retooling their roster and giving Trevor Lawrence some more weapons.

Is Kirk worth this deal? Probably not, but the Jaguars could afford it. General manager Trent Baalke worded this deal perfectly, allowing the Jaguars to move on in a few years if it doesn’t work out.

Still, Kirk landed a massive deal and has stalled the top-tier wide receiver market for the time being. As far as Adams is concerned, this makes it more difficult for the Packers.

The Fresno State product is still one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and deserves to be paid like one. After seeing Kirk’s contract, Adams should walk right into the Packers front office and demand whatever he wants.

And they should not hesitate to find a way to pay him.

Davante Adams’ contract demands got even bigger after the unreal deal Christian Kirk landed


Adams has all the leverage. All of it. Yes, the Packers used the franchise tag on him. But, he can easily choose not to play until they agree on a new contract.

Moreover, if Adams does play on the tag and hit free agency in 2023, there is no question he will be paid handsomely as the best wide receiver on the market.

So, it isn’t a surprise Adams doesn’t want to play on the tag this year. He doesn’t need to. The ball is in his court.

Adams should be the one setting the wide receiver market, not Kirk. The Packers were expected to run it back one more time with Rodgers and Adams, but that looks iffy for the time being.

How much money will Davante Adams ask for after seeing the Jaguars shell out a ton of cash to a slot receiver?

Davante Adams just wants to get paid.
Davante Adams and Christian Kirk | Patrick McDermott/ Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Jaguars messed things up for a lot of teams around the NFL. The contracts they gave out on Day One are unworldly and challenging for most teams to match.

The Kirk deal, however, is the most questionable one. Sure, Kirk is a solid player, but $21 million per year for a slot WR is a big question.

The talent and production are there definitely, but why not try and land Allen Robinson in a reunion? Nonetheless, they got Kirk, and now the Packers have serious work to do.

The question is, how much will Adams command? On the tag, he will make roughly $20 million in 2022 if he does play under the tag — which would end up less than what Kirk is set to make.

Adams deserves at least $25 million a year. The Los Angeles Chargers signed Mike Williams to a three-year deal worth $60 million — which is the exact amount Adams will make ($20 million) in 2022 under the tag.

The case for a massive Adams payday continues to grow, and he can walk right into Green Bay and show them the Kirk deal as a bit of leverage. Just pay Adams, whatever it takes.

The Packers have no choice, and things just got even more difficult in Green Bay thanks to the Jaguars inking Kirk to a monster deal.

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