David Ortiz Blasts Mike Fiers for How He Handled Astros’ Cheating Scandal

In the time following the Houston Astros being exposed for their involvement in the sign-stealing scandal, there has been plenty of backlash. Many have voiced disappointment, as well as losing a significant amount of respect for those that participated in it. That has changed the entire perception of the Astros along with their credibility as being legitimate World Series champions. However, former Boston Red Sox great David Ortiz took it a step further on Thursday as he crushed pitcher Mike Fiers for his handling of the matter.

More fallout from Astros’ cheating scandal

It has been a disastrous last couple of months for the MLB with the Astros‘ sign-stealing cheating scandal being exposed. That has led to much criticism tossed the organization’s way for essentially not honoring the integrity of the game along with impacting so many teams and other player’s careers in a negative fashion.

Notable names such as Cody Bellinger, Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, Aaron Judge, and Nick Markakis have come out with strong comments against the Astros. What has only further compounded the situation has been the substandard punishment handed out by commissioner Rob Manfred and the league on Houston.

Beyond the frustration with the Astros cheating, the lack of significant discipline of the players and the retention of the 2017 World Series title and AL pennant has drawn heavy criticism. That was taken a step further with Ortiz deciding to take his anger out in another direction concerning the matter.

David Ortiz blasts Mike Fiers

Since the entire Astros’ cheating scandal came to light late last year, there hasn’t much criticism in the way of former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers. That saw a few of his former teammates, such as Dallas Keuchel, voice their displeasure with how he handled the matter.

It has now seen David Ortiz on Thursday morning verbally crush Fiers for waiting so long to divulge that information if he wasn’t in agreeance with what his former team was conducting.

“I’m mad at (Fiers). After you make your money and you get your ring, you decide to talk about it? Why didn’t you talk about it during the season when it was going on? Why didn’t you say ‘I don’t want no part of this.’ Now, you look like a snitch.”

Ortiz does bring up some fair points as Fiers, along with the rest of his teammates were well aware of what was transpiring within the organization. He may not have participated, but he knew what his team was cheating the game.

The fact that he waited until this point a couple of years later does raise some eyebrows as he’s now playing with the Oakland Athletics. That gives off that perception that Ortiz alluded to in his comments, which in its own right are a bit puzzling about the timing of him revealing what the Astros were doing.

It gives off the vibe that he didn’t want to blow the team’s chance of winning the 2017 World Series. There are many different wrinkles in this situation, which makes it all that much more frustrating to hear.

MLB, Astros continuing to face backlash

The MLB is dealing with a matter that has continued to draw much criticism from around the league.

The handling with the punishments to the cheating itself has led to much more brush back then what was anticipated. Although additional discipline on the Astros would be more than justly in this situation, the MLB looks to have closed the books in that regard. Manfred’s reputation has taken an even more significant hit while the Astros have placed an enormous asterisk over their success on the field.

Simply put, there are many components to this matter that will continue to draw backlash.