Deion Sanders Is Convinced That Antonio Brown Will Make NFL Comeback

It has been nothing short of a bumpy path for former NFL star wide receiver Antonio Brown. Since he was released by the New England Patriots early last season, Brown has remained out of the league due to his numerous questionable decisions. That keeps him on the outside looking in, but there remains a strong desire to resume his illustrious career. Brown’s efforts to get back into the NFL is backed wholeheartedly by Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who firmly believes the star wideout will get another chance.

Antonio Brown’s status with the NFL

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It has been some time since Antonio Brown last played in an NFL game as his last stint last just one game with the Patriots in the 2019 campaign.

In the months that have followed since then, Brown has dealt with many personal issues in his private life that have become public dialogue. His legal problems with pending sexual misconduct cases looming overhead have played a significant factor in his NFL absence.

That, along with his often erratic behavior, pushed teams away from making any legitimate pursuit of his services over the last several months. The only NFL connection he had was a workout with the New Orleans Saints over the span. There is also the notion that any organization that brings him aboard could be dealing with a potential suspension handed his way due to his various questionable actions over the last year.

Despite all that, Brown remains committed toward making a push for an NFL comeback. In that effort, Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has stepped up a significant supporter.

Deion Sanders believes Antonio Brown will make NFL return

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It has been a complicated process for Antonio Brown in his quest back to the NFL that has tested his mental commitment to his craft.

However, Brown recently had Hall of Famer Deion Sanders voice his support for the star wideout as he took to social media to share a personal message after what appears to be a recent workout together. (H/T Pro Football Talk)

“My son came to town to WORK! On his game, on his life, on his thoughts, on his tomorrow and on Antonio Brown. . . . I can’t wait to witness this comeback story called A, B & See. I know what I know and I pray you all get to see what I know to be true about Antonio Brown.”

Sanders has been quite vocal with his support for Brown throughout the entire process. The mentorship that he is providing the 31-year-old in this tough time in his football career could go a long way toward getting back on the right track. Regardless of what unfolds, it’s clear that Sanders is firmly in his corner.

Will Antonio Brown get another shot?

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There are many factors at play with Antonio Brown getting a shot at returning to the NFL.

The most impactful of those situations lies with the legal matters as that is what is keeping him from receiving a legitimate chance to play. Commissioner Roger Goodell has held firm that Brown must first get those issues sorted out first and an investigation by the league must be conducted fully that could include possible punishment under the personal conduct policy.

Beyond dealing with the sexual misconduct charges, he also has the situation from earlier this year where he was arrested and charger for assaulting the driver of a moving truck. That is the main focal point of what is keeping Brown out of the league, and until that is resolved there will continue to be a cloud over his possible return.