Dennis Rodman Disappeared Once a Week While With the Bulls

During the latter portion of Dennis Rodman‘s career, he was a bit of a loose cannon both on and off the court. Rodman saw his career begin to unravel a bit after he departed from the Detroit Pistons. That saw him be featured more in the headlines for his behavior and happenings as his personality was quite prevalent. Things had become troublesome at times during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls that saw him involved in several different incidents on the court, while his life away from the game was quite out of the norm. With that in mind, one of his Bulls teammates revealed a crazy detail about his time with Chicago.

Dennis Rodman’s career

Rodman had established himself as one of the league’s best defenders and rebounders during his time with the Pistons. He had been a critical piece to the puzzle that helped the team win back-to-back NBA titles at the tail end of the 1980s.

However, his tenure with Detroit ended after he demanded a trade from the team following the departure of head coach Chuck Daly. That landed him with the San Antonio Spurs, where he started coming out of his shell, showing a different side of himself publicly.

His stint with the Spurs had several ups and downs that saw a few internal issues flare-up along the way. That led to San Antonio electing to trade Rodman to the Bulls before the 1995-96 season. He was part of a few trades that Chicago pulled to fill the void that was left by the departure of Horace Grant.

Rodman spent three seasons with the Bulls, where he experienced an incredibly active stint on and off the court before his time in the NBA began to truly go off the tracks. Over the years, there has been various stories to come about regarding his time with the franchise.

Dennis Rodman would disappear once a week

In the last couple of decades since his tenure with the Bulls, there has been much trickle out. Rodman wasn’t the easiest player to manage off the court has he lifestyle was often unpredictable. 

Numerous stories provide more life to that notion that he had an adventurous life away from basketball. During a recent interview with Brandon Robinson of, former Bulls forward Scott Burrell voiced that Rodman would disappear at least once a week.

“It was so competitive in practice. He would disappear once a week, I think. Once every couple days or week, so that was the only thing different about Dennis. But Dennis was such a great player. He watched so much film. He good care of his body. He lifted weights before games. I mean, he was so dedicated to being a great player. To watch him go to work, and not even look to score, but STILL dominate a game defensively and rebounding, it was AMAZING that someone could do that without trying to score. His knowledge of the game – his IQ was unbelievable.”

Given what’s known publicly about Rodman’s life, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he would disappear off the map for a day out of the week. However, that wouldn’t impact his performance on the court as he put together highly productive campaigns with Chicago and was one of their backbone pieces to success.

Dennis Rodman made the most of his Bulls’ tenure

Rodman may have had his issues off the court, but his talent and impact on the Bulls were well worth the extra handling.

His tenure with the Bulls may have been brief, but he made the most of it by being a massive factor in helping the team win three NBA titles. That saw him average 5.2 points and 15.3 rebounds while leading the league in rebounding in each campaign and earned a pair of All-Defensive First Team selections.

Rodman’s departure from the team was not due to his behavior off the court, but rather that the front office was moving toward a total shakeup with the roster. That said, there will likely be plenty more stories about Rodman’s time with the Bulls that speak to how unpredictable he was away from basketball.