Dennis Rodman Dressed Up as a Girl When He Was a Kid and Partied at Gay Bars During His Run With the Chicago Bulls

Dennis Rodman may be the most fascinating player in NBA history. Not only was he a monster rebounder and defender during his playing days, but Rodman was a crazy party animal and lived his life to the fullest.

Most people know that Dennis Rodman was a huge ladies man and dated Carmen Electra and Madonna. However, some fans of The Worm may not be aware that Rodman used to dress up as a girl when he was a kid and went to Gay Bars when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

Dennis Rodman began cross-dressing at an early age 

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In his memoir Bad As I Wanna Be, Dennis Rodman talked about how he began cross-dressing at an early age since his father wasn’t around and he grew up in a largely female environment.

“I don’t remember the first time I decided to do it as an adult,” Rodman wrote. “It was more of a gradual thing, where it progressed from earrings and fingernails to halter tops and tight leather shorts. When I cross-dress now, it’s just another way I can show all the sides of Dennis Rodman. I’m giving you the whole package. I’m becoming the all-purpose person.”

In 1996, Rodman dressed in a custom-made wedding dress and said he was marrying himself. At the time, many people presumed that Dennis the Menace was bisexual. Thousands of people in New York City showed up to see Rodman in his wedding dress and get a signed copy of his book.

Dennis Rodman dated and slept with some of the most beautiful women in the world when he was a superstar in the NBA. However, that didn’t stop Rodzilla from expressing himself by going to Gay Bars.

Dennis Rodman partied at Gay Bars when he was on the Bulls

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Dennis Rodman never slept with a man, but he did party at Gay Bars during the ’90s when he was on the Bulls with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The five-time champion said the Gay Bars were where the most fun was at.

“When I was younger, I used to dress up as a girl,” Rodman told The Breakfast Club in 2019. “My sister used to put makeup on me, put wigs on me, stuff like that. That’s a vision I’ve always had just to express myself sexuality-wise. I’ve never been with a guy, but I love my gay community. I just like being free.”

While Rodman’s Bulls teammates would go to dinner after games, he was at Gay Bars having the time of his life. The NBA Hall of Famer said several guys hit on him when he was at the bars, and it didn’t bother him one bit.

There will likely never be another character like Dennis Rodman in the NBA. He was all about self-expression and didn’t care what people thought about him.

The Bulls’ second three-peat doesn’t happen without Demolition Man

The Bulls’ second three-peat in the late ’90s doesn’t happen without Dennis Rodman’s contributions. He was the best defender and rebounder in the NBA and never ran out of energy.

Chicago defeated the Seattle SuperSonics and Utah Jazz twice for its three straight titles. Dennis Rodman averaged 5.2 points and 15.3 rebounds in his three seasons with the Bulls. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.