Dennis Rodman Tried to Date Donald Trump’s Daughter and Was Laughed at When He Asked Her Out

Everyone knows Dennis Rodman loves women. When he was a superstar in the NBA, Rodman slept with several women, including some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.

During his stint with the San Antonio Spurs, Rodman dated Madonna. When he joined Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, The Worm was with Carmen Electra.

If Dennis Rodman is attracted to you, he will ask you out, no matter who you are. With that being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the NBA Hall of Famer tried to date Donald Trump’s daughter.

Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump have a personal friendship

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Dennis Rodman didn’t agree with all of Donald Trump’s words and actions during his presidency. However, the Bulls legend and the 45th President of the United States have a personal friendship dating back to their days as tabloid celebrities in the ’90s.

In 2019, Rodman said he “liked” Trump as a friend and didn’t like him as a President. Trump’s four years in the White House were very polarizing.

“I like Donald Trump,” Rodman told Sports Illustrated in 2019. “I don’t like him as a president, but he’s f—–g cool as f–k. Donald Trump makes me laugh. He tries to be this holier than thou guy, and I kid him about that every time I see him, I don’t look at him like the president, I look at him like a friend. He can carry a torch with me anytime, someone who I can sit down, chit chat, and have a beer with.”

The craziest part about this friendship is that Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump have spent a lot of time with each other even though the five-time NBA champion tried to date Trump’s daughter.

Dennis Rodman tried to date Ivanka Trump

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During an appearance on The Breakfast Club in 2019, Dennis Rodman admitted that he tried to date Ivanka Trump before she married Jared Kushner in 2009.

“I tried dating his daughter. I tried to date his daughter before she got married. I tried to,” Rodman said. “She just laughed. She just laughed.”

Rodman dated Lakers owner Jeanie Buss when she posed for playboy in the ’90s. Rodzilla got with Buss before Phil Jackson did. He truly has lived the life every man dreams of.

It sounds like Ivanka Trump never actually said “no” to Rodman. Maybe she thought Rodman was kidding since he was friends with her dad, but clearly, Dennis the Menace had a thing for Ivanka.

Dennis Rodman also said in The Breakfast Club interview that he deserves more credit for putting Donald Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un together. The things you learn about Rodman are fascinating when you listen to him speak.

El Loco made the Hall of Fame despite averaging 7.3 points

Dennis Rodman averaged only 7.3 points per game during his NBA career. However, he still made the Hall of Fame due to his rebounding and defensive prowess.

A two-time All-Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Rodman averaged 13.1 rebounds per game for his career. He led the NBA in rebounding seven times, impacting the game on a high level despite not being a skilled shooter or scorer.

We may never see a player or character like Dennis Rodman ever again. We should appreciate his greatness and open-mindedness.