Derek Carr Just Sent a Confusing Message About Why He Blocks Media Members on Twitter

If Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr tweets any highlights of his Thanksgiving dinner, many people will miss his posts.

Carr hasn’t locked down his account or gone on a Twitter break. The veteran quarterback is notorious for blocking people, especially media members, without explanation or warning.

In a recent media session, Carr explained to the Las Vegas Raiders’ media contingency why he is always so quick to hit the block button. Carr may want to rethink his explanations because what he said made no sense.

Derek Carr is having a terrific 2020 season

Derek Carr appears to have erased all doubts about his future with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Carr completed 69.7% of his passes in the Raiders’ first 10 games for 2,431 yards, 19 touchdowns, and only three interceptions. Although Carr is only throwing for 243.1 yards per game, he is on pace to throw his fewest interceptions since he only had six in 2016.

Carr will finish the 2020 season with 3,890 yards, 30 touchdowns, and five interceptions at his current pace.

More importantly, the Raiders are 6-4 and in the heat of the AFC playoff picture.

Carr is notorious for blocking people on Twitter

Derek Carr throws touchdowns on the field and blocks people off it.

According to The Athletic, Carr recently explained why he is so quick to block people, especially those who cover the team, on Twitter. Carr said he often blocks people because of their negativity or because they may have said something negative about one of his “best friends.”

Carr told the reporters not to take it personal. At one point, Carr said he was sorry things got to the point where he needed to address why he blocked people.

ProFootballTalk transcribed Carr’s comments.

“But I block, man — some of you all probably got blocked on here, too. But we’re still friends. You know? I just don’t want to read the negativity, man. I don’t want someone to tweet it or come at — I don’t wanna see it. So it’s nothin’ personal, man. That’s social media. I’m still me in person, you know?”

Carr even offered to have a socially-distanced lunch with the blocked reporters.

Derek Carr’s rationale for blocking people is nonsensical


Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr Refuses to Opt-Out of the 2020 NFL Season Because of His Haters

Derek Carr has reasons why he blocks people. The problem is that what he said made no sense.

First, a franchise quarterback shouldn’t be so quick to block people, especially the media. Death threats, like the ones that Packers receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling received, are another story entirely.

Carr is in his seventh season, and he should be used to outright criticism. Beat reporters cannot, and should not, hide from the truth the way that team and league employees can in their work.

Carr has always had a chip on his shoulder, and that’s fine. But the time has to come where a 29-year-old quarterback grows up and doesn’t block a reporter who criticized his throw on 3rd-and-10.

And if Carr wants to avoid the negativity, he should just stick to the mute button. Carr said he frequently mutes people, so he clearly isn’t unfamiliar with the technique.

At 6-4, Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders are in a position to sneak into the playoffs. Maybe holding the Lombardi Trophy in February will give Carr the needed clarity on how he should handle his Twitter account.

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