Derek Jeter’s Last All-Star Game Ends in Victory, Controversy

At the conclusion of his last MLB All-Star Game, Derek Jeter walked away with a scoring double, a single, a standing ovation, and, most importantly, a victory. Jeter, who announced his retirement before this season began, had always maintained that he wasn’t walking away from the game because he couldn’t play anymore, and reiterated that in his post-game press conference.

“Well, I told you guys before I’m not retiring at the end of the year because I don’t think I can’t play. It’s just that the time is right,” Jeter said. “Today I was fortunate. I enjoy playing in these All-Star games and competing against the best, and you know, today I was fortunate to get a couple hits.” Those hits, though, were cast under scrutiny by Adam Wainwright’s admission that he had given Jeter “a couple of pipe shots” because Jeter deserved it, before admitting that he “didn’t know [Jeter] was going to hit a double” or Wainwright “would’ve changed his mind.”

While this admission outraged the baseball community, which cherishes any chance to get riled up about any perceived insult to the unwritten rules (read: arbitrary morals) of the game, it shouldn’t overshadow Jeter’s curtain call on the All-Star Game, one of the caps on what has been a tremendous career.