Why Did Derrick Rose Pick No. 4 With the Knicks Instead of No. 1 or No. 25?

When the New York Knicks acquired Derrick Rose from the Detroit Pistons, Rose fans wondered what number their favorite NBA player would wear in his second stint with the Knicks. Two players on the Knicks, Obi Toppin and Reggie Bullock, already had Rose’s old numbers.

Since Derrick Rose couldn’t wear No. 1 or No. 25, the three-time All-Star picked a new number, and it has a special meaning to him.

Derrick Rose wore No. 1 on the Bulls and Cavs

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The Chicago Bulls drafted Derrick Rose with the first overall pick in the 2008 draft. It was a special moment for Rose and his family since the point guard was born and raised in Chicago.

Rose won the 2008-09 Rookie of the Year Award by averaging 16.8 points and 6.3 assists. He led the Bulls to the playoffs and scored 36 points in his first postseason game against the Boston Celtics. Rose shares the NBA record for most points in a playoff debut with 36.

In his second season, Rose made his first All-Star team. He averaged 20.8 points and 6.0 assists and once again guided the Bulls to the playoffs. For the first time since Michael Jordan, Chicago had a superstar to build around.

During the 2010-11 season, Rose made NBA history by winning MVP. He became the youngest MVP in NBA history and joined Jordan as the only two players in Bulls franchise history to win Rookie of the Year and MVP.

The 2011-12 lockout campaign saw Rose average 21.8 points and 7.9 assists. Unfortunately, the Memphis product tore his left ACL in the first round of the 2012 playoffs versus the Philadelphia 76ers and was never the same player again.

Rose underwent two more knee surgeries with the Bulls after his ACL tear. He finished his Chicago career with averages of 19.7 points and 6.2 assists in 406 games. No Bulls player has worn No. 1 since Rose was traded to the Knicks in the summer of 2016.

In 2017-18, Derrick Rose played in 16 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He wore No. 1 there as well.

Derrick Rose wore No. 25 in his first stint with the Knicks and with the Timberwolves

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In 2016-17, Derrick Rose wore No. 25 with the Knicks. No. 25 was Rose’s high school number at Simeon to honor the late Ben Wilson. The best player at Simeon wears No. 25 in Wilson’s honor, and Rose is one of the top high school players in Chicago history.

Rose put up good numbers for the Knicks in 2016-17. He appeared in 64 games and averaged 18.0 points and 4.4 assists. However, the Knicks were a walking disaster, and Rose underwent his fourth knee surgery near the end of the season.

After his 16-game run with the Cavs ended in 2017-18 after Cleveland traded him to the Utah Jazz, Rose was waived by Utah. He remained on the open market for a while before the Minnesota Timberwolves signed him for the rest of the season in March. Tom Thibodeau was the Timberwolves’ president of basketball operations and head coach.

Rose wore No. 25 with the Timberwolves and played very well in his second go-around with Thibodeau. The former MVP scored a career-high 50 points on Halloween in 2018-19 against the Jazz.

In the summer of 2019, Rose signed a two-year deal with the Pistons. Just like in New York and Minnesota, D-Rose wore No. 25 in Detroit. He averaged 18.1 points and 5.6 assists for the Pistons in 2019-20.

Since Detroit is rebuilding, everyone knew the team would trade Rose this season. Thibodeau is the head coach of the Knicks and didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to acquire Rose.

The Knicks acquired Derrick Rose on February 8, 2021. Not only was he reuniting with Tom Thibodeau and playing for the Knicks again, but Rose was also about to wear a new number.

The former MVP reveals why he chose No. 4

Since Obi Toppin wears No. 1 and Reggie Bullock wears No. 25, Derrick Rose chose No. 4 as his jersey number for his second stint with the Knicks.

The former Bulls superstar has several reasons for why he picked No. 4.

“The 4, my birthday is on the fourth,” Rose said, via NBC Sports Chicago. “Me and my guys, my closest friends, there’s four of us. My Mom has four kids. My daughter’s birthday is on the fourth. If you look in the Bible on the fourth day — I don’t know if get into all that — but it was all about creation,” Rose explained. “It’s the Emperor card, if you look that up. I don’t know if you’re deep into it. It just called my name and that’s what I rolled with.”