Deshaun Watson Cherishes Something Much More Than His Massive Payday

Following months of speculation, star quarterback Deshaun Watson has finally inked his record-breaking extension with the Houston Texans. It has secured his place with the Texans for the next several years as the franchise’s face and guiding force. However, Watson‘s focus is on another aspect away from the life-changing contract he received from the franchise.

Deshaun Watson inks record-breaking deal

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The Texans’ focus shifted into high gear concerning Deshaun Watson’s next contract after Patrick Mahomes’ massive extension with the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this offseason.

It puts the franchise’s plan solely honed in on working out a long-term deal to keep Watson in Houston for many years to come. With the 2020 season quickly approaching, the Texans have finally got a contract in place with a four-year extension reportedly worth $156 million, with $106 million guaranteed.

The deal effectively makes Watson the highest-paid player in franchise history while he will be the highest-paid player annually during his contract with roughly $39 million per season. The 24-year-old’s deal runs through 2025, which will allow him to garner another huge contract before age 30.

Beyond the considerable pay raise, Watson’s attention lies elsewhere with the Texans.

Deshaun Watson values something more than the money

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It has been many months in the making working toward Deshaun Watson garnering a massive contract extension from the Texans.

However, the life-changing day he has long been waiting for wasn’t focused on the contract. Instead, Watson had his attention fixated on the franchise putting that enormous trust in him by making a record-breaking commitment, according to Anthony R. Wood of

“That was my last and least concern (money). Honestly, the money is amazing, it’s life-changing, it’s great, but the biggest thing is for the McNair family, OB (Bill O’Brien), Jack (Easterby), to just trust in me and believe in me that I’m their guy, I’m their quarterback, that’s the biggest thing. That really touches me.”

Watson has a clear understanding of what that type of money means from the organization. It makes him the face of the franchise while securing his long-term future in Houston. All that brings forth a tremendous responsibility on his shoulders to guide the Texans to success well beyond playoff berths.

Texans’ expectations for 2020 season

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The Texans can move forward after Deshaun Watson’s long-term extension finally becoming finalized.

Houston has moved all their chips in with Watson being the driving force of their offense. The team has made some notable moves this offseason that includes trading All-Pro wideout DeAndre Hopkins, who has been the team’s top receiving option over the last several years.

It has left an enormous void for Will Fuller, and offseason addition Brandin Cooks to fill. Meanwhile, David Johnson has the opportunity to re-establish himself as a workhorse running back that was once viewed as an elite talent. There are big aspirations in Houston, but it all starts with Watson leading the charge.

He’s the spark plug to the offense that will determine how much of an offensive factor Fuller and Cooks can be after Hopkins’ departure. The Texans are in the position to make another playoff push, but the extent of their success remains on Watson’s shoulders. It’s a chance for him to take the next step in his maturation while proving that he’s worth every penny of his massive extension.

Ultimately, it’s his performance on the field that will do all the talking for him.