Deshaun Watson Is Already Getting Recruited by One of the Bears’ Best Players

The Deshaun Watson era with the Houston Texans may only last four years, as multiple reports have stated the Pro Bowler is upset with the organization and could demand a trade this offseason.

If Watson does end up asking out of Houston, one of the best players on the Chicago Bears knows exactly where the 25-year-old should ask the Texans to trade him.

Deshaun Watson is extremely unhappy with the Texans

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Deshaun Watson is “extremely unhappy” with the Texans following the hiring of Nick Caserio as the team’s new general manager. The gunslinger isn’t mad that Houston hired Caserio. He’s angry because the Texans didn’t include him in the hiring process.

Texans owner Cal McNair informed Watson that he would be involved in the hiring process for Houston’s next general manager and head coach. However, McNair hired Caserio without getting any feedback from Watson, the franchise player.

Before the 2020 season, the Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, a move Watson was irritated by since the wideout was his best offensive weapon. After Houston fired Bill O’Brien, Watson was hoping a new culture shift was happening with the Texans and that McNair would hire a GM and head coach he wanted.

However, things haven’t changed in Houston, as McNair continues to do whatever he wants without getting his best player’s approval. As a result, the Texans could lose Hopkins and Watson–two of the top players in the NFL–in back-to-back offseasons.

Should Deshaun Watson go ahead and demand the Texans to trade him this offseason, Bears wide receiver and kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson thinks the signal-caller should come to Chicago.

Cordarrelle Patterson recruits Deshaun Watson to the Bears on Twitter

Cordarrelle Patterson has already begun recruiting Deshaun Watson to the Bears. The electric kick returner took to Twitter and told the Texans star to “make some moves” and come to Chicago.

The Bears could have drafted Watson in the 2017 draft, but general manager Ryan Pace traded up to select Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick. Watson, who went 12th to the Texans, has established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Meanwhile, Trubisky is a bust and will likely be on a new team next season after the Bears declined to pick up his option for 2021.

It’s admirable that Patterson is trying to help the Bears land Watson since he becomes a free agent this offseason and could be on a new club in 2021. The 29-year-old signed a two-year, $10 million deal with Chicago in 2019. While Patterson loves being a Bear, there’s no guarantee he’ll be back since Pace seems to make foolish decisions all the time from his front office position.

The Bears desperately need a quarterback of Deshaun Watson’s caliber, and Cordarrelle Patterson knows it. It’s going to be interesting to see if Ryan Pace tries and trades for the QB he should have drafted in 2017.

Chicago needs someone to save the franchise from George McCaskey and Ted Phillips


A Furious Deshaun Watson Could Force the Texans to Make Massive Changes

Bears chairman George McCaskey and president Ted Phillips held a hapless press conference this week where they announced that Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy would be returning. Both men also said they were proud of the way the team rebounded from a six-game losing streak to make the playoffs, which was an embarrassing statement since the Bears only made the postseason due to the NFL allowing more teams in this season.

Chicago needs someone to save the franchise from McCaskey and Phillips, and Deshaun Watson could be that guy since he’s such a dynamic player on the football field. Jay Cutler is the best quarterback in Bears history, and Watson is way better than him. The Windy City fans are currently frustrated with everyone who works for the Bears, but that tune could change if the team acquires Watson from the Texans.