Deshaun Watson Just Took This Reporter to School

Texans QB Deshaun Watson is one of the top young stars in the NFL. Injuries hampered his rookie season in 2017, but he came back strong last season and has gotten off to a quick start in 2019.

Watson is looking to lead the Texans to a second straight AFC South title this season, but he still doesn’t necessarily get the respect he deserves from the national media because he plays in Houston.

Earlier this season, Watson went viral for a thorough response he gave to a simple question that a reporter asked him during a postgame press conference.

Deshaun Watson’s season to date

Watson threw for at least three touchdowns in three of his first six games this season. He has thrown three interceptions so far, one in the season-opening loss to the Saints in New Orleans and two this week against the Chiefs.

Watson’s best game of the season so far came in the Texans’ Week 5 53-32 win over the Falcons. He completed 28 of 33 passes and threw for 426 yards and five touchdowns. He played so well in the game that Watson earned a perfect passer rating of 158.3. And he was nearly perfect in the game, with as many touchdown passes as incompletions. He also added another 47 yards on the ground on four carries.

In week six he went toe to toe with Patrick Mahomes. Watson played a masterful game and the Texans came out on top. His performances the past few weeks has thrust him into the thick of MVP conversations.

Deshaun Watson breaks down a play for a reporter

In the press conference following the Texans’ Week 4 loss to the Panthers in which the team scored just 10 points, The Athletic reporter Aaron Reiss asked Deshaun Watson about the coverage they were playing against him.

Some people took to social media to say that was a dumb question from the reporter. Watson wasn’t one of those people. He spent nearly a minute giving a thoughtful and thorough response that was so impressive it went viral.

After a disappointing performance, Watson could have given a short, canned reply to Reiss’ query, but he went in the exact opposite direction and spent time explaining the Panthers’ coverage.

Watson went on to explain that the coverage the defense was playing, where specific defenders were, and where his receivers were and what they were doing given the Texans’ offensive play-calling.

Some people took his response to be “talking down” to Reiss, but he was simply showing trying to share his knowledge with people who don’t know as much about the Xs and Os as he does. He was able to go into detail with his answer, but it was still concise. It took him less than a minute to answer Reiss’ question was still giving him as much information as he could — and making it easy to understand.

Future in the NFL

And Deshaun Watson is a good player to be explaining these types of plays to the press because he has some of the highest potential of any quarterback in the league.

Unfortunately, he is hamstrung by the team he’s on because the Texans have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Watson has already been sacked 18 times in six games, but he hasn’t been sacked at all in his last two games. If the Texans could tighten up the O-line play, Watson’s stats would be even more impressive, especially with WRs DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller V leading Houston’s receiving corps.

Now that Andrew Luck has retired, Watson is by far the best quarterback in the AFC South, and he should be able to continue leading the Texans to the playoffs for the foreseeable future. And with the right team around him, he has a chance to get the Texans their first Super Bowl title in franchise history.