Deshaun Watson Trade: Baseball Legend Jim Thome’s Wife Cancels Browns Season Tickets After Controversial QB’s Arrival

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  • Andrea Thome, the wife of baseball legend Jim Thome, canceled her Cleveland Browns season tickets after the Deshaun Watson trade
  • Thome said she asked for a refund and is drawing a “line in the sand” regarding Watson, who still has 22 ongoing civil cases alleging sexual harassment and assault
  • Thome isn’t the only Browns fan speaking out about the veteran quarterback’s arrival

Suggesting that the Cleveland Browns‘ decision to acquire former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is considered controversial would be both hyperbolic and ridiculous. On the one hand, plenty of Browns fans have made it clear, especially on social media, that they’re not going to raise a fuss about a quarterback who still has 22 ongoing civil cases alleging sexual harassment and assault.

Other members of the Dawg Pound haven’t been as forgiving. Andrea Thome, the wife of baseball legend Jim Thome, is among the most vocal in making it clear she wants nothing to do with next year’s Browns team.

Andrea Thome, wife of baseball legend Jim Thome, canceled her Browns season tickets after the Deshaun Watson trade

Andrea Thome has supported the Browns through a heartbreaking move to Baltimore, an 0-16 season, numerous failed quarterbacks, and the Hue Jackson era. One would think that if the Hue Jackson era wasn’t enough to scare her away or convince her to start rooting for a more competent franchise, nothing would.

All it took was one trade, six draft picks, and $230 million in guaranteed money to change her mind.

On Friday, March 25, Thome tweeted that she had “officially canceled” her family’s season tickets and asked the organization for a refund.

“Very sad after 40 years as a fan, but this is my line in the sand. I believe women. Especially when there are 22 of them. That press conference did nothing to change my mind.”

Andrea Thome

Thome’s tweet referred to Watson’s introductory press conference that same day, one where the 26-year-old quarterback said he has never assaulted or disrespected any women. She later tweeted a note she received from one of Watson’s accusers.

Thome said that if the Browns don’t refund her money, she plans to auction her tickets and donate all of the proceeds to different women’s crisis charities in Ohio.

As of publication, Jim Thome had not commented on the Browns’ decision to acquire Watson. The five-time All-Star, who hit 337 home runs in 13 seasons with the then-Indians, also had not addressed his wife’s Twitter posts.

Thome isn’t the only Browns fan speaking out after the team’s controversial trade

There is no shortage of Browns fans desperately hoping to see their team finally emerge as a legitimate AFC contender. Those in the Dawg Pound have suffered through enough losing seasons and front office scandals that, in theory, the team’s decision to acquire Watson should have been worth celebrating.

However, many of those fans can’t celebrate Watson the player because they refuse to separate him from Watson the person.

Local news stations made the rounds in the wake of the Watson trade on Friday, March 18, and spoke with outraged and frustrated fans. Some immediately made it clear they couldn’t, and wouldn’t, support the new quarterback. Others said they needed time to process the move, especially as Watson waits to potentially face a suspension for off-field conduct.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson in 2022.
Cleveland Browns fans are upset about quarterback Deshaun Watson’s arrival | Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Joe Posnanski, a veteran sportswriter and devoted Browns fan, published a Substack story following the trade and explained he felt heartbroken by the team’s decision to acquire Watson.

“How much am I, as a fan, willing to give up to see my team finally win?” Posnanski wrote. “A lot, 50 years of experience will tell you. But not that much.”

Although Posnanski said he doesn’t plan to root for the Browns next year, he also admitted it’s currently hard for him to imagine a football season where he’s not writing about his favorite team.

Clearly, Thome doesn’t have the same doubt about her future as a Browns fan. Not as long as Watson is under center.

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