Dez Bryant Sends Personal Message to Antonio Brown After Latest Rant

Over the last several weeks, star wide receiver Antonio Brown has remained on the outside looking into the NFL. His future in the league has been cloudy due to his various off-the-field issues that have included being currently wrapped by legal problems. However, Brown has heightened the dialogue around him in a negative light due to his unpredictable behavior via social media. It has reached a point where fellow star wideout Dez Bryant has reached out to him in concern to contact him with a heartfelt message.

Antonio Brown’s rollercoaster ride

The state of Brown’s career has had an influx that wasn’t previously imagined at this point last season.

The 31-year-old is on the outside looking into the NFL after his tenures with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and New England Patriots have each soured in various manners. Brown essentially pushed his way out from the Steelers and Raiders by his actions that led each franchise to move on from him.

Meanwhile, his time with the Patriots became short-lived after a pair of sexual misconduct charges arose that pushed the franchise to move on from the Pro Bowler. His behavior, along with porous decision-making off the field, has led to him being without a team. His time away from the league has led to him venting his frustration on social media while also posting his personal issues that have painted a volatile picture of his well being.

It has now seen one of his peers take to social media to voice his concerns for him.

Dez Bryant reaches out to Antonio Brown

Brown has taken the approach to social media to have no filter with his emotions about his feels concerning any matter. That has delved into his personal life involving his dealings with the mother of his children.

These recent decisions have led to the former Cowboys star wideout to reach out to Brown on Twitter to express his concern for Brown’s decision-making and mindset. Like Brown, Bryant is also on the outside looking in, with his situation being more due to suffering a torn Achilles tendon last November.

There is a healthy respect for Brown with the hope that he can get everything back on track. His life has become unraveled over the last several weeks that don’t appear to have any sign of moving in the right direction. It all further underlines the questions about what lies ahead of him.

Will Antonio Brown get another shot with the NFL?

It’s quite clear that Brown has a strong desire to get back into the league to prove that he’s still one of the best talents. That opportunity solely hinges on how things will unfold with his legal matters as he faces two serious charges that could significantly impact his career, and most importantly, his personal life.

The NFL is also conducting a thorough investigation of the situations around him that could land him with a lengthy suspension. There is no clarity at this point about when the league expects to have the entire matter wrapped up, which has clouded any chance that he will be able to play this season.

At the same time, his unpredictability with his actions on social media isn’t helping him endear himself to potential suitors in the NFL. There is no question that Brown is still one of the most talented wide receivers in the league, but if he can’t get his personal life in order, it’s hard to believe many teams will entertain the idea of bringing him in. Only time will tell if he can get things back on track to prove he can be depended on both on and off the field.