Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal and Everything You Need to Know About UFC 244

The fight that fans have been asking for is finally happening. Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will fight for the inaugural BMF belt at UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden on November 2nd. The rivalry between the two men is great, but that’s not the only story going into the event. Here’s everything you need to know about UFC 244.

Diaz vs. Masvidal: the UFC 244 main event

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Unlike the animosity in the rivalry between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, Diaz doesn’t hate Masvidal and vice versa. In fact, they actually respect each other a great amount. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a friendly rivalry. 

For example, when Diaz called Masvidal out, he did so with respect, saying that Masvidal is the only other “gangster” in the UFC besides himself. Masvidal echoed a similar sentiment, saying that he emphasizes with how Diaz grew up. Both men are Hispanic but were raised on the opposite ends of the country.

That’s why Diaz said that Masvidal was a gangster, but he wasn’t a West Coast gangster, like Diaz was. So while the two men respect each other, their rivalry is a friendly one. It’s a rivalry between two men of a similar background trying to see who’s the best at what they do, and that’s being a BMF. 

However, there’s also the future to consider. If the BMF belt turns out to be a one-time thing, then the winner will definitely get the next shot at the title. However, because this fight is just a fun fight for the fans, the loser wouldn’t be set back too far. On top of that, if this fight sells well, then the UFC also proves to itself that it doesn’t need Conor McGregor to make a lot of money.

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Darren Till: both fighters looking for a rebound

Another good story at UFC 244 will be between Kelvin Gastelum and Darren Till. Gastelum is coming off of a loss to Israel Adesanya in what some consider the fight of the year. Gastelum had been on a tear at middleweight and he’s beaten many great fighters, including several former champions. This will be Gastelum’s rebound fight and if he wins, then he’ll be fighting for the title soon.

Till on the other hand is coming off a loss to Masvidal. That fight was at welterweight though, the 170 lb division. Till has always been a large man and he’ll be moving up to the middleweight division for this fight. Till has called himself a light heavyweight who’s fighting welterweights and that what he’s doing should be illegal because of how much of a size advantage he has. 

With this change in weight class though, fans expect Till to fight like a different man, and perhaps become a title contender in the division in the near future. Both men are also great knockout artists, so this will be a fun fight to watch as well.

Johnny Walker vs. Corey Anderson: a new UFC star?

After knocking out three men in less than three minutes combined, Johnny Walker is sprinting towards a title shot. Walker is also a funny fighter to watch, so fans love seeing him fight. However, Corey Anderson is no slouch. 

Anderson is more of a wrestler and he hasn’t had as many good fights as Walker has had. That said, Anderson is on a three-fight win streak and he’s beaten some tough competition as of late. Whoever wins this fight will definitely get the next title shot against Jon Jones

This is also a significant fight because it will fully test Walker’s skills. That’s because Walker has never had to face a strong wrestler like Anderson, and if Walker can’t beat him, then he’d stand no chance against Jones’s elite wrestling.

Anderson, true to his nickname, “Beastin’ 25/8” has been working for a title shot for years. If he can shut down Walker, then he’ll finally get his chance for gold.