Did Adam Schefter’s NFL Draft Outburst Jeopardize His $1.2 Million Salary With ESPN?

Among all the professional sports leagues, the NFL has been the lone association to take the approach of operating during this challenging time with the coronavirus becoming more steadily present in the United States. The league has taken many precautionary measures as time has passed, but they have remained firm on moving forward with the 2020 NFL Draft as planned later this month. It’s a decision that has pushed longtime NFL reporter Adam Schefter to a breaking point.

NFL planning to move ahead with the 2020 NFL Draft

With each passing week, the spread of the coronavirus in the United States has become more prevalent.

That has seen many leagues such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS all put a pause to their respective seasons and essentially temporarily shut down operations for the time being given the situation. However, the NFL has been one of the lone associations aside from the UFC to continue to operate as they are set to hold the 2020 NFL Draft later this month.

It’s something that they have already made the adjustments of not having it in person in Las Vegas, but rather through a telecast. Meanwhile, teams are allowed to have small gatherings of 10 or fewer during the draft process.

The NFL has put precautionary measures around their expected handling of the upcoming draft that continues to adjust with the growing concern over the coronavirus. Their persistent push to keep the draft on schedule has finally pushed a longtime NFL reporter over the edge about the move.

Adam Schefter Irate over the NFL’s decision

The NFL has had held firm to holding the draft throughout the entire ordeal concerning the coronavirus.

The persistence of the league to head this route pushed Schefter to his breaking point on Monday night during his segment during Scott Van Pelt’s “SportsCenter” as he blasted the NFL’s handling of the situation.

“We all want to see the days where we have that distraction of football, but OTAs, that’s not happening. The offseason program, that’s not happening. The draft is happening only through the sheer force and determination and lack of foresight from the NFL, frankly. They are determined to put this on while there is carnage in the streets!”

The fact that Schefter has blasted the league for the decision should say plenty about the situation. He is one of the biggest, if not, the most well-known NFL reporters in the country. Schefter has become more vocal over the last few years, but this situation warranted him to offer his opinion given how greatly it’s impacting the country and the entire world.

Could this outburst impact Adam Schefter’s future with ESPN?

There is much credence to what Schefter’s comments about how the coronavirus has already profoundly impacted the United States in many different ways.

It could also shift in the direction toward Schefter’s job status with ESPN as he’s blasting the NFL’s handling of the entire matter. The company has long worked with the league that is arguably the backbone of sports coverage over the years.

What should be noted is that Schefter is reportedly in the fourth year of his five-year extension that he signed with ESPN back in 2016. That puts things in an intriguing perspective. However, it’s hard to envision that the company would walk away from the most prominent NFL reporter.

If that scenario presented itself, there would be plenty of high-profile companies such as Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, and even NFL Network all there to make a strong push to add him. It would be foolish for ESPN even to consider that route, but moreover, this should bring more considerable attention to the actions that the NFL is taking in this trying time in the United States and across the globe.