Did Drew Brees Come Back Just to Break an NFL Record?

Following weeks of speculation, New Orleans Saints star quarterback Drew Brees has announced his decision to play another season by returning for the 2020 season. That has put Brees in line to have another opportunity to secure a second Super Bowl win to his illustrious career while further cement his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. There may have been another motivation that has kept the internal fire burning to extend his playing days for at least one more year that could put him all alone in the record books.

Drew Brees decides to play in the 2020 season

In the weeks that followed the Saints’ disappointing close to the 2019 season in the playoffs, the focus honed in on Brees‘ future in the league. His two-year, $50 million deal with the team expired while there had been no concrete discussion around him playing another campaign.

Brees had stayed the course of voicing that he needed time away from the game to think about what he wants to do next after completing his 19th season. The team once again experienced much success earning yet another NFC South division title and a playoff berth, but he’s added more physical mileage on his body from another season.

However, the 41-year-old has chosen to extend his illustrious career through the 2020 season as he announced that decision via Instagram. The Saints can now operate through the upcoming offseason knowing that Brees will be in the fold to head the charge.

That halts the plans for Taysom Hill being the starter to replace him, and likely sends Teddy Bridgewater into the free-agent market. Brees now has the opportunity to add to his legacy with potentially another Super Bowl, but also make history in another fashion.

Drew Brees eyeing another historic feat

Over the last few years, Brees has racked up some impressive NFL records to his name that have future cemented his status as a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer. The 2019 campaign saw him surpass Peyton Manning for the most touchdown passes while he also became the all-time leader in passing yards the season before that.

However, there is another mark that Brees is fast approaching that could further put his greatness in the limelight. Through his first 19 seasons, Brees has racked up 77,416 passing yards in the regular season, which put him on pace to become the first player to break 80,000 passing yards. (H/T Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk)

That puts him just 2,584 yards away from reaching that mark, which is something he should pass with ease. Keep in mind, Brees missed five games in the 2019 campaign and still threw for 2,979 yards. It’s another feat that he will inevitably add to his well-decorated resume.

Saints, Drew Brees in promising spot for 2020 season

The Saints should be in the playoff picture and possibly beyond that in the 2020 campaign, especially with Brees back in the fold for at least another campaign.

New Orleans possesses a talented roster on both sides of the ball that will make them a factor in the NFC to potentially derail the San Francisco 49ers. The front office will likely move to add more playmakers in the passing game over the offseason. Brees will also have to be a significant factor with his arm if they hope to make a deep playoff run back to the Super Bowl and overcome those hurdles they have faced in each of the last three years.

However, the 2020 season plays out; Brees has already cemented his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain next year that could move him up the list of all-time greats.