Did the 2018-19 Golden State Warriors Get ‘The Last Dance’ Documentary Treatment?

Because of COVID-19, the sports world has had little content to engage viewers — until The Last Dance captivated audiences. A fascinating recap of the Chicago Bulls’ run for the NBA title in 1997-98, the docu-series contains exclusive footage. After The Last Dance‘s huge success, producers considered covering the Warriors‘ rise to fame for their next documentary.

The success of ‘The Last Dance’

Leave it to Michael Jordan to keep sports fans entertained during a worldwide pandemic. ESPN just released a 10-part documentary series that covers Jordan’s astonishing career with the Chicago Bulls. Back in 1997, an NBA Entertainment camera crew was given access to the locker rooms, player meetings, and training areas.

They were able to gain an in-depth look at the team on and off the court. Crews were given access to private meetings with the coaches and were granted permission to follow the Bulls throughout the entire season. The world of Jordan is seen like never before, and fans can’t get enough of this unique series.

The Warriors’ connection to ‘The Last Dance’

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Steve Kerr became the head coach of California based Golden State Warriors in 2014, signifying the beginning of the Warriors Dynasty. Kerr played for the Chicago Bulls from 1993-98, so was around when the cameras were rolling during the 1997-98 iconic season.

Proudly sporting his three championship rings, Kerr understands a thing or two about a dynasty in the making. Warriors executive Peter Guber is a producer of The Last Dancegiving him a direct link to the film.

The Golden State Warriors’ dynasty

The Golden State Warriors dominated the NBA from 2015-19. Under the guidance of Kerr, they went to the NBA finals in each of those seasons. They won three championship titles and fielded a roster that included five All-NBA players at the same time.

Credited with making basketball fun again, the Warriors utilized three-point scoring as no team had done before. MVP Steph Curry and Klay Thompson became known as The Splash Brothers, ushering in a new style of play in the game of professional basketball.

Joining Curry and Thompson on the court was Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, and Andre Iguodala. The fierce five became known as the “Death Lineup.”

Are the Warriors interested in a documentary?

People regularly compare the Golden State Warriors to the Chicago Bulls championship team. A documentary of their achievements seems likely considering the rave reviews for The Last Dance. 

Unfortunately, Guber has no interest in recreating movie magic with the Warriors. He told USA Today Sports that he discussed the idea with franchise executives, and they decided a camera crew following around the team was not in their best interest.

Guber explained, “Once you do that, you actually affect the outcome of other things. Turning the camera on with an expectation that you’re going to get to a particular point with a sports team or career or something like that? It’s a dangerous business. It’s hubris.”

Is it over for the Golden State Warriors?


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It appears the Golden State Warriors dynasty has come to an end. No longer at the top of their game, the team has lost its hold on the Western Conference.

The Warriors are hoping for the return of a healthier roster next season, as The Splash Brothers come off the bench recovering from previous injuries. A well-thought-out lottery pick in the NBA draft may help resuscitate the Warriors and bring back The Golden Era.