Did the Rams Make a Big Mistake With Their New Logo?

The Los Angeles Rams are several months away from playing in their inaugural season at the new Sofi Stadium located in Inglewood, California. It has drawn plenty of excitement about what lies ahead, which includes the unveiling of new uniforms and logos to boot. Up to this point, the Rams remained quite mum on when it will be released ahead of the 2020 campaign. However, there has been a significant amount of backlash over a possible leaked photo of the Rams’ updated logo that is far from what many expected.

Rams hint at logo change

Since the Rams moved to Los Angeles, there is a renewed excitement around the franchise and city.

That has been ramped up with the team moving towards opening a new stadium for the 2020 campaign. The construction of the arena has been promising with the state-of-the-art look that should make it one of the most appealing locations in the NFL.

However, there hasn’t been much in the way of getting clarity on when the team will announce their new uniforms before next season. The Rams have remained vague about announcing any further details concerning the situation, which they did take to social media over the weekend, posting a video of taking down the current Blue and White logo.

That seems to suggest that the team is drawing closer to the much-anticipated unveiling in the coming days. It now appears there are leaks of the possible design on upcoming merchandise that hasn’t exactly garnered positive reactions.

Rams’ leaked look drawing strong criticism

Aside from Los Angeles hinting that they are nearing the revealing of their new logo, there hasn’t been much indication of how it will look.

There may finally be clarity in that regard as Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports tweeted out a photo of the logo on a hat. The initial reaction to the possible design has been quite negatively strong, as many are calling it a total miss by the Rams’ marketing department while others are wondering why they decide to ditch the current layout that has been one of the most iconic in the league.

Los Angeles was the first team in the league to have a design on their helmets when halfback Fred Gehrke decided to paint horns on the team’s helmets before the 1948 season. It has also drawn comparisons to the Los Angeles Chargers‘ previous design that looked like a terrible rip off from the Los Angeles Dodgers iconic logo. The feedback hasn’t been great by any measure, which could see a massive push from the fan base like the Chargers received to scrap the new design entirely.

The Rams haven’t announced the change officially, but it doesn’t look like many or if any at all are raving about the possible new logo.

Will negative feedback lead to changes?

With all that said, the new logo hasn’t been announced as of yet, which gives the Rams a chance to get some initial feedback if this indeed the updated look.

If they do plan to go this route, there will be a strong outpouring of negative criticism towards the design. The Rams will want to avoid heading the route that the Chargers took by all cost, but it looks like things will wind up heading that way.

In that case, the rushing of criticism led the Chargers to abandon their new logo with hours if it being debuted on social media. That’s not to say that the Rams will head in that same route, but the early reaction is an opportunity for them to head back to the drawing board altogether.