Did Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Change the PGA Tour Forever?

The sports world has been in a paused state for the last few months due to concern over the coronavirus. That has created a greater thirst for live sports back in the mix when deemed safe to venture that route. Before sports leagues are getting back underway, it had seen things take an intriguing turn as the Match featuring Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady garner a strong rave review. One aspect of the entire event that may have impacted golf significantly could change how the PGA Tour is handled more interactively.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning featured in The Match

With the sports world especially in essentially paused, golf took center stage with the annual “The Match” between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson but took a unique twist to it this time around.

The event saw future Pro Football Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning added to the format on each team. That put more star power into the mix with the biggest names in their respective sports nearly than the last two decades.

It was everything that was hoped to be as the addition of Manning and Brady brought another element to the mix with two NFL stars with a well-documented rivalry. That saw the inclusion of each player being mic’d up for the event that allowed for the banter and trash talk to be aired during the 18-hole competition.

That all made what turned out to be a well-received match that has created a strong push for a similar format to be used next year. Beyond that, it may have forever impacted the PGA Tour.

What Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may have done for golf

The biggest takeaway from The Match last month was that fans were extremely enamored by the competitors, all being mic’d up.

It allowed for the playful trash talk and banter to be publicly aired that provided another element to the event. There were several entertaining moments with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson going back and forth about U.S. Open Medals. Meanwhile, there was insight with Tom Brady getting advice from Mickelson about approaches to certain shots.

That made it much more personal than being a match between all-time sports icons playing in a competitive event for charity. It’s an element that has drawn a more significant conversation around the PGA as that could be another way to lure in more viewers while making the events more entertaining to watch.

It has at least got one prominent golfer to embrace being mic’d up for the PGA’s return this week.

Rickie Fowler mic’d up for Charles Schwab Challenge


‘The Match’: The Best Shots and Moments From the Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady Showdown

Since the Match, there has been a strong push for the use of mics on players as they compete in the PGA Tour.

They have ventured that route before in charity events, but haven’t moved into utilizing them during a tour event. That has at least led to Rickie Fowler giving the green light to be mic’d up for the Charles Schwab Challenge on Thursday. (H/T Golf.com)

According to the Sports Business Journal, Fowler wore a microphone during his Wednesday practice round at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, and then reported back saying he was OK with wearing one on Thursday.

Fowler is one of the tour’s most prominent names that should provide insight into how he approaches an event. The hope is that this can lead to other big names in the sport to at least entertain the idea of doing it.

Nonetheless, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may have helped generate the much-needed push for something unique the PGA can capitalize on utilizing.