Disney World Won’t Stop NBA Players From Getting Their ‘Fits Off

NBA players are into high-end fashion and showcasing their style as they enter the arena before games. With the restart taking place in a Disney World bubble, NBA players face a “new normal.” They’re not necessarily making a grand entrance for pregame activities. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t showing off their fashion sense.

Fashion in the NBA

Players don’t get a chance to show off their style during games, so they must do it when they arrive and in postgame press conferences. Some players are known for colorful outfits, reports Esquire, while others use their walk down the tunnel to show off their taste in the latest fashion and tech trends, ranging from footwear to headphones.

Wearing their favorite threads doesn’t just allow the ballers to show off their fashion sense, but it can also help them financially. Many players have endorsement deals with clothing and accessories brands.

NBA players discuss style in the bubble

Some of the NBA’s most fashionable players discuss continuing to showcase their style while in the bubble at Disney, indicating they want to still wear their normal outfits. 

P.J. Tucker

The Rockets’ P.J. Tucker said he brought more than 100 pairs of sneakers to Florida, with more coming in “a big shipment.” He says he’s not going to change despite the circumstances. “I’ll be doing me, man … I’ll do stuff I’ve always done my entire career … My style is part of my lifestyle and part of my preparation to get ready to play in the game.”

Troy Daniels

For the Nuggets’ Troy Daniels, “it’s fashion over the NBA.” He says the league can get technical with the dress code if it wants, but it doesn’t matter to him because fashion comes first. “Fashion is part of me. I like looking good,” which Daniels says dates back to when he was a kid and his mother would dress him in three-piece suits. He admits that when he feels good, he might play good.

Kelly Oubre Jr.

When the restart began, Kelly Oubre Jr. said he was ready for the Suns’ eight games and three scrimmages. He packed nine “very stylish outfits;” “an “arsenal” for each of his team’s games as he described it. “I take how I dress very seriously, first and foremost, and I definitely want to come correct.” Oubre admits “it’s a brand thing at the end of the day. So I’m going to always make sure that my brand is represented in the best way possible.”

The NBA allows stylish choices in the bubble


Penny Hardaway’s Shoes Revitalized NBA Style in the ’90s

Players were concerned they wouldn’t be able to wear the usual clothes to games at Disney, amid reports that they’d have to show up dressed in their uniforms and warmup gear. But those reports proved incorrect, reports GQ. The league confirmed that players would be able to wear clothing from their own wardrobes to games.

The NBA did loosen the dress code that normally requires players to wear suits. This way, players’ outfits could be better suited to Orlando and the unusual circumstances of the tournament.