Do Golfers Buy Their Own Clubs?

Golfers don’t go out on the field and magically have equipment waiting for them. Every golfer has a unique set of goals and interests when choosing a club, and their decision on what to carry with them can say as much as their skills do. As such, it is fascinating to see how clubs work in golf, especially about how clubs are selected. 

What is in a golfer’s bag

While golfers carry a variety of things from their bags, from tees to balls to snacks and drinks for the course, it is the 14 clubs that are most important. Whether they are teeing off or looking at getting out of a hazard, they need to decide before they take the field. This is why they need to make sure they have what they need. 

Every club, according to Golf Info Guide, has a unique role. When golfers are deciding which to carry onto the field, they want to make sure they are covering the most distance. If one club has many of the same functions as another, they are wasting space by keeping both in there. This is why the clubs are so important on top of the practice and work. 

The typical golf bag will have a driver, putter, and pitching wedge. For more situational hits, the players typically carry a three-wood, as well as the four through nine irons. Some will also carry a five-wood or a two-iron, depending on their golfing style. These all might seem like foreign terms to the uninitiated, but to the professionals, they can mean the difference between wins and losses. 

How are golf clubs selected? 

Golfers all have certain clubs that work with their style. Those who are going for distance and power might need something different than those relying solely on their accuracy. Each golf bag is unique to every golfer, and their collection of clubs says a lot about them. How they get the clubs, however, depends on their circumstances going into the competitions. 

Some professional golfers are using the types of clubs that the average golfer could only dream to afford, while others like to keep it relatively basic. The circumstances in the tournament can also 

How do golfers get their clubs? 

For the most part, golfers are given their clubs by whoever their sponsor is. These sponsors work closely with the golfers to ensure that every club is perfect for them. Everything from its measurements to its build is put on full display for golf fans everywhere, so it is taken quite seriously. While hard work and practice are what get people to the professional stage, their equipment helps them play at their highest game. 

Sponsors sign deals with players much like the ones that basketball players do with shoes. These clubs can be just as signature their success, too. In 2018, the golf world was shaken when all of the 2018 major winners were free agents. A large factor in this was Nike, who had recently decided to stop making golf equipment. 

These are the cases when golfers will actually pay for their clubs, but the decision that goes behind that can be a political one. After all, if they have success with one brand, the brand is likely to throw money toward them in the future to secure their place in future competitions. 

Sometimes, players who are in this situation just go for what is available. Jim Furyk famously won the Tour Championship in 2010 using a used putter that he bought for $39. Sometimes, as was the case with Lee Janzen in 2002, players realize they are missing clubs and have to buy some at the clubhouse.

Golf is a unique sport in that players are put into situations where they need to make these on-the-fly decisions. It is part of the appeal of the sport.

After all, everyone watching has to do the same if they also play. Players may not need to buy their clubs in normal situations, but when they do, it can lead to some fascinating results.