Do Kevin Durant and Magic Johnson Have Beef?

Kevin Durant has a tendency to respond to anyone and everyone who says something he does not like. This happened yet again as the injured Brooklyn Nets forward is forced to spend the season on the sidelines. The latest person to experience Durant’s wrath was none other than Lakers legend Magic Johnson. 

Kevin Durant vs. Magic Johnson

This alleged feud began when Magic Johnson, never one to mince words, went on ESPN’s First Take to discuss the current state of the NBA. Durant’s comments about never feeling like he was a part of the Warriors’ core came up, and Johnson voiced his confusion as to how Durant could not be happy on the legendary team. 

“KD, I hope that he finds happiness,” Johnson said. “If you can’t find happiness at Golden State, where are you going to find it at? … Durant is one of the greatest scorers we’ve seen in NBA history, so I just want him to be happy. I just don’t know where he’s going to find it at if he can’t find it at Golden State.”

Durant tweeted and deleted his displeasure with the quote. “Horrible Take. Just regurgitated bullsh-t,” he said. Whether or not this has a lasting impact, it gives a glimpse into Durant’s world. His decision to respond via Twitter follows his normal routine. It is far from the first time he’s gotten himself into hot water.

Durant on social media

Durant has been on Twitter since before NBA players on Twitter was a given. His earlier days were different, however. He wasn’t nearly as feisty on social media, and his Tweets often served as a snapshot of what was on his mind, be it a comment about a movie, the gym, or his life on the road. 

Around the time Durant won MVP, however, he publicly pushed back regarding his nice-guy reputation. On social media, he began getting a little feistier with both the reporters and fans on social media. Durant began to develop a feisty reputation.

By 2016, this boiled over on all fronts. He was headed to Golden State, and lots of people had opinions about it.

Durant’s alleged burner accounts

The most famous instance of Durant’s combative internet presence came in the offseason after his first ring with the Warriors. A fan, @ColeCashwell, asked Durant to name a legitimate reason, besides ring-chasing, to leave Oklahoma City — the team had been one game from defeating the Golden State Warriors before blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals — for the Warriors.

Appearing to post as though he was a casual observer, Durant responded by criticizing his former team. 

“he [sic] didn’t like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan. His roster wasn’t that good, it was just him and russ [sic],” Durant tweeted. He went on in another tweet to say, “imagine [sic] taking russ [sic] off that team, see how bad they were. Kd [sic] can’t win a championship with those cats.” 

Many believe Durant meant to post under an anonymous burner account, although the NBA star has dismissed this narrative. Regardless, it was a good highlight of the way he composes himself on social media

Durant’s engagement with fans can be positive. He often provides insight into debates typically between fans and media. Many appreciate this type of candidness. However, Durant’s need to respond to any criticism, no matter how petty, is often viewed as self-sabotage.