Do You Know Your Favorite Coach’s Middle Name?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We readily admit to being fascinated by middle names. Some may be famous, some not nearly as well-known. And, while some coaches go by their middle names (we assume that you’re much more familiar with Sean Payton than the full name of Patrick Sean Payton, for instance), many of our favorite sports personalities have lived in our minds by only first and last name for as long as we can remember. So it can be somewhat of a surprise when you finally discover the full name that you’ve never associated with that big-name coach before.

Do you think you know your favorite coach’s middle name? We assembled a list of 10 well-known coaches from baseball, basketball, football, and college football and have included them below along with a set of 10 out-of-order middle names that belong to the men in question. See how many you can correctly match up, then advance to the next page once you’ve finished and check your work. (No search engines allowed! What’s the point of cheating on the quiz, anyway?!?)

1. Bill Belichick

2. Bruce Bochy

3. Pete Carroll

4. Jim Harbaugh

5. Urban Meyer

6. Les Miles

7. Gregg Popovich

8. Doc Rivers

9. Nick Saban

10. Mike Scioscia


a. Anton

b. Charles

c. Clay

d. Douglas

e. Edwin

f. Frank

g. Joseph

h. Lorri

i. Lou

j. Stephen

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Drumroll, please! And the correct answers are as follows:

1-j, 2-d, 3-c, 4-g, 5-f, 6-e, 7-b, 8-a, 9-i, 10-h

Or, to put them in order by career winning percentage (as compiled on, not including playoffs), you can read the names this way:

Urban Frank Meyer III: .841

Nicholas Lou Saban: .755

James Joseph Harbaugh: .729

Leslie Edwin Miles: .728

Gregg Charles Popovich: .686

William Stephen Belichick: .660

Glenn (‘Doc’) Anton Rivers: .565

Peter Clay Carroll: .564

Michael Lorri Scioscia: .548

Bruce Douglas Bochy: .502

Now you know. So what’s the verdict? Did you pass or fail?