Do You Know Your Favorite NBA Player’s Middle Name?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

We readily admit to being fascinated by middle names. Some may be famous, some not nearly as well-known. While quite a few NBA stars go by their middle names (we assume that you’re much more familiar with Steph Curry than the full name of Wardell Stephen Curry II, for example), many of our favorite athletes have lived in our minds and imaginations by only first and last name. So, it can be somewhat of a surprise when you finally discover — or perhaps, remember — the name that you’ve never associated with that player before.

Do you think you know your favorite NBA player’s middle name? We assembled a list of 10 well-known superstars currently in the league, and have included them below across from a set of 10 out-of-order middle names that belong to the players in question. See how many you can correctly match up, then advance to the next page once you’ve finished and check your work. (No search engines allowed! What’s the point of cheating on the quiz anyway?!)

1. Carmelo Anthony

a. Bean

2. Kobe Bryant

b. Emmanuel

3. Tim Duncan

c. Hildred

4. Kevin Durant

d. Kyam

5. LeBron James

e. Lamonte Ollie

6. Damian Lillard

f. Raymone

7. Kevin Love

g. Theodore

8. Dirk Nowitzki

h. Wayne

9. Chris Paul

i. Werner

10. John Wall

j. Wesley

Frederic J. Brown/Getty Images
Frederic J. Brown/Getty Images

Drumroll, please! And the correct answers are as follows:

1-d, 2-a, 3-g, 4-h, 5-f, 6-e, 7-j, 8-i, 9-b, 10-c

Or, to put them in order of career-scoring average (courtesy of, you could read the names this way.

LeBron Raymone James (27.5 points per game)

Kevin Wayne Durant (27.4 ppg)

Kobe Bean Bryant (25.4 ppg)

Carmelo Kyam Anthony (25.3 ppg)

Dirk Werner Nowitzki (22.6 ppg)

Timothy Theodore Duncan (19.9 ppg)

Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard (19.9 ppg)

Kevin Wesley Love (19.2 ppg)

Christopher Emmanuel Paul (18.6 ppg)

Johnathan Hildred Wall, Jr. (17.7 ppg)

Now you know. Other important questions this exercise might have raised for you, as it did for us:

  1. Has there ever been another NBA star with first and middle names both representing food? (Kobe Bean?)
  2. Did you know that Kevin Love’s middle name is in honor of Wes Unseld?
  3. Can you imagine if Tim Duncan had gone by Ted instead? ‘Ted Duncan’ just sounds like a fundamentally sound basketball player.
  4. Which name is your favorite?