Do You Know Your Favorite NFL Quarterback’s Middle Name?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We readily admit to being fascinated by middle names. Some may be famous, some not nearly as well known. And since we usually refer to our favorite athletes by last name alone, it’s possible you may not have ever heard — or at least remembered — the middle name of a player you may very well know everything else about. So for those of you who can rattle off a completion percentage, touchdown-to-interception ratio, or quarterback rating but still don’t know your favorite signal-caller’s middle name, we’re here to help.

Before we hand you the answers though, it’s time for the quiz. We assembled a list of 10 well-known quarterbacks currently playing in the National Football League and have included them below with a set of 10 out-of-order middle names that belong to the players in question. See how many you can correctly match up, then advance to the next page once you’ve finished and check your work. (No search engines allowed! What’s the point of cheating on the quiz, anyway?!)

1. Tom Brady
2. Drew Brees
3. Colin Kaepernick
4. Andrew Luck
5. Eli Manning
6. Peyton Manning
7. Cam Newton
8. Aaron Rodgers
9. Tony Romo
10. Russell Wilson

a. Austen
b. Carrington
c. Charles
d. Christopher
e. Edward Patrick
f. Jerrell
g. Nelson
h. Ramiro
i. Rand
j. Williams

Al Bello/Getty Images

Drumroll, please! And the correct answers are as follows:

1. e
2. d
3. i
4. a
5. g
6. j
7. f
8. c
9. h
10. b

Or, to put them in order of career regular-season passing yards (courtesy of, you can read the names this way:

Peyton Williams Manning – 67,098 yards
Drew Christopher Brees – 53,308 yards
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. – 51,208 yards
Elisha Nelson Manning – 36,918 yards
Antonio Ramiro Romo – 31,563 yards
Aaron Charles Rodgers – 26,289 yards
Cameron Jerrell Newton – 12,942 yards
Andrew Austen Luck – 10,927 yards
Russell Carrington Wilson – 7,965 yards
Colin Rand Kaepernick – 6,765 yards

Now you know. So, what’s the verdict? Did you pass or fail?