Does Jerry Jones Already Have a Replacement for Dak Prescott in Mind?

There has been dialogue around Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott‘s long-term future with the Dallas Cowboys. It has become a lingering contract situation after the team placed the franchise tag on Prescott before the start of free agency last month. That has left the situation open-ended with the hope of working out a new deal this offseason. However, team owner Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have made another intriguing move that involves some possible interest in one of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft.

Dak Prescott’s standing with Cowboys

Over the last several months, the pressing topic of discussion has been around Prescott‘s long-term future with Dallas.

There is interest on both sides to get a new deal worked out, but the dialogue hasn’t moved smoothly since last offseason. There were contract discussions that petered out in September and didn’t pick back up until late February near the scouting combine.

That saw the Cowboys place a lucrative contract offer that reportedly would have paid Prescott $33 million annually and given him $105 million guaranteed. However, there was enough movement on that front in the weeks that followed, leading to the team to place the franchise tag on him to further extend the contract negotiations window through July 15.

It has also put on the table the possibility that Prescott could play through the 2020 season on essentially on a one-year deal and go through this entire scenario yet again next offseason. With that in mind, it has potentially put on the table another option for the Cowboys.

Jalen Hurts an option for the Cowboys?

The Cowboys have made it quite clear that they envision a long-term future with Prescott under center.

However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t explore their options if that route doesn’t pan out as hoped. The team recently posted on Instagram a video call that included team owner Jerry Jones speaking to Hurts ina pre-draft interview.

The Cowboys may be doing their due diligence with the top prospects in this year’s draft, but the fact that they have spoken to the Oklahoma product says much. It could be the team merely sending a message to Prescott that they are willing to look elsewhere, but also shows that they are comfortable with taking another quarterback.

The decision to make public the conference call is quite an interesting move that the team didn’t have to take. There has been increased dialogue between Dallas and Prescott as of late, but there appears to be no hesitation from them to bring in another young quarterback into the fold.

Could the Cowboys have a real interest in Jalen Hurts?

In the weeks ahead of the 2020 NFL draft, there has been much chatter on the top of the board with the top-tier quarterback prospects such as Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and even Jordan Love all potentially going in the first round.

Meanwhile, Hurts’ stock has remained a bit down compared to his peers. Many scouts view him as being a potential early-mid round selection despite his highly successful collegiate career. Hurts proved to be a legitimate dual-threat option with his legs and arm during his time with Alabama and Oklahoma.

That could open the door for teams like the Cowboys to take a chance with an early-to-mid round selection. They currently have a pick in every round by the sixth, which could be interesting to see how they go about things if Hurts is still on the board after the first couple of picks.

Nonetheless, it at least suggests that Jones and the Cowboys are considering all their options at the position even through this year’s draft.