Donald Trump Gave a Call To His Favorite UFC Fighter After a Win

In many ways, the UFC is slowly becoming the WWE, and recently, the UFC’s biggest heel got another victory under his belt. Colby Covington, whom many UFC fans love to hate, recently won a dominant fight against the former champ, Tyron Woodley. While the fight itself wasn’t that interesting, what happened afterward certainly was. 

Donald Trump calls Colby Covington after his fight

Like Yahoo Sports reported, one of the many antics that happened after Covington’s win against Woodley was a congratulatory call between Trump and Covington. During the press conference, while Covington was answering questions, he took a moment to take a call from Trump. For dramatic effect, he put the call on speaker so that everyone in the room could hear. 

Trump said to Covington, “I’m proud of you man. I’m a big fan and I’m proud of you.” That said, like Yahoo Sports wrote, it’s not clear if Trump actually watched Covington fight that night. Trump was speaking at a North Carolina campaign stop on that night, and it’s entirely possible that he was too busy to watch the fight. 

Trump finished his call by telling Covington, “I’m your fan, you’re my fan. Two of a kind, two of a kind.” He also gave Covington well-wishes for the future of his UFC career. This call made Covington smile, but it wasn’t the only thing he did for Trump that night. 

Colby Covington’s long relationship with Donald Trump

Colby Covington celebrates after winning a UFC fight
Colby Covington celebrates after winning a UFC fight | Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Earlier that night, when Covington was being interviewed after his fight, Covington took shots at many of Trump’s enemies. First, he claimed that Trump would beat Joe Biden on November 3rd, and then he called out “woke athletes” like LeBron James. Since it was a post-fight interview, he didn’t really dive too deep into his reasoning, but like Yahoo Sports said, his reasons were pretty obvious.

This is just the most recent example of Covington’s hardcore support for Trump. Back in 2018, Covington fought and beat Rafael dos Anjos for the interim welterweight belt. Even though this was an interim belt and not the real belt, it was still a belt, and as a result, he got a chance to bring it to the White House for some pictures with Trump.

Covington’s interim belt never became a real belt, but regardless, in his next fight against Robbie Lawler, like Yahoo Sports said, two of Trump’s sons were ringside watching Covington fight. And of course, Covington has been wearing a MAGA hat for several years now, and it’s practically become his calling card in the UFC. He wasn’t always like that, though.

Why Colby Covington brings politics into the UFC

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When Covington first joined the UFC, he was by all means a pretty regular fighter who was stringing along some decent wins. He didn’t wear a MAGA hat and he wasn’t outspoken politically either. That all changed when the UFC told him that it wasn’t going to re-sign him after his next fight. This effectively meant that the UFC was going to fire him.

So, Covington had to pull out all the stops and show the UFC and the world why he deserved to be in the UFC. After winning his fight against Demian Maia in Brazil, Covington launched a heated tirade against the Brazilian crowd.

This tirade angered the Brazilians in the audience as well as the Brazilians in the UFC. Suddenly, Covington made a name for himself, and the UFC had to keep him around since everyone wanted to see Covington lose. 

That’s how Covington’s new personality got started. Before he was political, he was just an average UFC fighter. But now, with Trump behind him, Covington has easily become one of the more well-known personalities in the UFC.