Donald Trump Just Got the Ultimate Support from Dana White

It has become quite well-known the strong standing between President Donald Trump and UFC President Dana White. The two have established a bond that far exceeds Trump’s presidency. However, White is about to show his support for his friend again in a unique way.

Dana White’s connection to Donald Trump

Before Donald Trump took the oval office as the 45th president of the United States, he had established a long-standing friendship with Dana White.

Their connection goes back to 2001 when Trump allowed White to host UFC 30 and 31 at his Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. These were the first two events that White ran after he bought the UFC, which he has spoken about on several occasions. (H/T Bleacher Report)

“Arenas around the world refused to host our events,” White said in his speech. “Nobody took us seriously; nobody except Donald Trump. Donald was the first guy that recognized the potential that we saw in the UFC and encouraged us to build our business.”

Since then, there has remained a strong bond between them over the years. That has seen White back Trump politically even speaking on behalf of him at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Their relationship has been well-documented, especially since Trump became president.

That saw the latter become the first president to attend a mixed martial arts event when he went to UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden last November. White is now set to show his support for Trump again in the coming days.

Dana White will speak on behalf of Donald Trump

Dana White’s support for Donald Trump has remained a topic of discussion over the last few years.

That has conversation has retaken center stage as he’s set to speak at the Republican National Convention on Thursday. It marks the second time that White has gone this route as he previously spoke in support of him in 2016. At the previous convention, he spoke highly of the 74-year-old. (H/T Yahoo Sports)

“I’ve known this man for 20 years. We’ve actually become even closer since he’s become the President of the United States,” White said. “When somebody becomes the President of the United States, you don’t ever expect to hear from them again. And I understand it. It absolutely makes sense.

“This guy is so loyal and such a good friend. Every time I see him — I saw him today. When I met him on Air Force 1, the first thing he said to me was, ‘How is your family?’ Good man, very loyal and a very good friend.” 

Given that they have established a friendship that spans two decades makes it no surprise that White will speak again. There is strong mutual respect between both of them as that has remained over the years. White will join others such as Rudy Giuliani, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Ivanka Trump speaking on Thursday night.

UFC continues to chug along


Why UFC Boss Dana White Should Call Jon Jones’ Bluff

Despite the lingering concerns over the coronavirus, the UFC has managed to continue mainly without a hitch.

That has seen Dana White take the stern route of putting on fights each week. It has seen the UFC put forth strict guidelines with health precautions to keep all those involved safe during this tough time in the world. White has gone in the direction of setting up a “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi.

Many of the UFC’s biggest fights over the last several weeks have been held at the location. That recently saw Stipe Miocic take the third match of the trilogy against Daniel Cormier to defend the heavyweight championship. Before that, it saw Kamaru Usman successfully defend the welterweight title against Jorge Masvidal.

There doesn’t appear to be any slowing down for the UFC moving forward.