Donald Trump Just Took a Shot at LeBron James By Using Michael Jordan

President Donald Trump has been one of the most prominent critics of the NBA over the last few weeks. That has seen him go back and forth with LA Lakers star forward LeBron James over the last couple of years since taking the oval office. It has once again been the case recently as Trump added another subtle shot directed at James by using Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.

LeBron James fires back at Donald Turmp

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In the last few weeks, Donald Trump has remained quite vocal in his criticism toward the NBA regarding kneeling.

That has seen LeBron James also stayed in the headlines with his remarks in response to Trump’s strong stance. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, the four-time league MVP voiced last week that he didn’t believe that the basketball community would be sad about losing the president’s viewership.

“I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership, him viewing the game,” James said following the Lakers’ 105-86 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. “And that’s all I got to say.”

Trump stated that the kneeling during the national anthem was “disgraceful” and gave the NBA a bad public image. It isn’t the first time that he has bashed the league for their support of the players deciding to kneel. James’ response is expected as he has been vocal in the past after being targeted for any political views.

That is something that Trump factored when he answered the question around choosing between James and Michael Jordan.

Donald Trump’s subtle shot at LeBron James using Michael Jordan

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Over the years, LeBron James has worked his way into the conversation with comparisons to Michael Jordan for the GOAT status.

That discussion came up again on Tuesday morning as Donald Trump was asked about by Clay Travis of Fox Sports to pick between James and Jordan. Trump took that opportunity not only to choose the former Chicago Bulls’ great but also subtly take a shot at the LA Lakers star.

“Michael Jordan” adds “he wasn’t political so people like him better.”

It’s no secret that James has used his platform at times to air out his political point of view. Meanwhile, Jordan has often shied away from voicing where he stands politically. Until recently, he stayed out of that realm before his $100 million commitment to help those dealing with social injustice.

The choice of Jordan over James is one that many would agree with that stance, but it was the extra verbal jab that strays away from that. Jordan is viewed by many as the greatest NBA player due to his dominance and tremendous success. It was a chance that Trump used to send some criticism toward James for being politically vocal.

NBA players will continue effort for social change

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The NBA has received its fair share of criticism from Donald Trump regarding their support of the players kneeling during the national anthem.

That hasn’t pushed the league away from staying on that route with their players. They have allowed them to utilize their platform to send more messages about social justice through social media and even commercials. The NBA has also put the words Black Lives Matter on the courts during games.

There is tremendous support from the league, commissioner Adam Silver, and former players. The message hasn’t strayed away from bringing forth social change to end the mistreated that the Black community continues to face in the United States. Expect the support and push from the NBA to not back down from any criticism even if it’s from Trump.