Donovan McNabb Believes Cowboys Have a Brewing Problem With Dak Prescott’s Contract

Over the last several months, the Dallas Cowboys have continued to have Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott‘s contract situation float over the franchise. The Cowboys don’t have progress forward toward getting a new long-term extension hammered out this offseason. There remains uncertainty if the two sides will reach an agreement before the extension deadline under a franchise tag that lands on July 15., Former Philadelphia Eagles great Donovan McNabb has chimed in on the matter stating that Cowboys have a potential problem on their hands.

Dak Prescott remains without his extension

The Cowboys initially wanted to get a new long-term extension done with Prescott dating back to last offseason.

Things have reached the point where Dallas had to place the franchise tag on Pro Bowler to keep him under contract. Since that decision, Prescott has taken measures into his hands by deciding not to sign his tender while not participating in voluntary virtual workouts.

That only sends a stronger message that Prescott is hoping to secure a lucrative long-term deal to keep in him with Dallas for many years to come. It’s a lingering situation that one former star NFL quarterback believes could cost the Cowboys’ dearly if they let it fester longer.

Donovan McNabb thinks Cowboys have potential problem on their hands

There hasn’t been any clarity about whether a new lucrative extension will be worked out with Prescott.

The former Eagles star quarterback has chimed in on the situation as he recently voiced that he believes the more prolonged the Cowboys let the matter lingering, the more likely it cost them more in the pocket. (H/T Dallas Morning News)

“Pay the man,” McNabb said on the Last Stand Podcast with Showtime’s Brian Custer.

“Pay the man because I’m going to tell you one thing — (when) you franchise him, say he has half Jameis Winston’s season and y’all make it to the NFC Championship Game or second round of the playoffs. And he passes for 5,000 yards, 35 touchdowns and maybe about 12 to 13 picks. You know how much money he’s going to ask for? You think it’s a problem now. It’s going to be a major problem if Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes sign their contracts.”

McNabb certainly has a great point by bringing up the contract situations with both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, who will receive record-breaking deals from their respective teams. If anything, that will significantly raise the bar for the asking price, especially since Prescott is already asking to be paid like one of the game’s best quarterbacks.

The Cowboys are hoping to work out the right deal for the franchise, but it’s one that could see it get much more difficult to get done the longer they wait. Many outside factors can make it a challenging process to complete.

Will the Cowboys get an extension done with Dak Prescott?


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That is the million-dollar question around the situation as there doesn’t seem to be any significant progress.

There is a keen mutual interest between both parties, but plenty of ground to make up between them. Prescott has more than proven that he can be their long-term answer under center, but the Cowboys have continued to remain hesitant to give him near the big pay raise that he is eyeing on his next deal.

Dallas still has plenty of time to work out a new deal before the July 15 deadline, but the clock is ticking with roughly two months until that date. As McNabb keenly pointed out, the longer that this situation persists, it opens up the Pandora’s box to Prescott’s asking price going even further through the roof. In many ways, time is money for the Cowboys, and it’s on them to get the extension done.