Donovan McNabb Gives Brutal Take on Carson Wentz’s Future With the Eagles, Slams GM Howie Roseman

Even though they are fresh off of hiring a new head coach, there are still issues the Philadelphia Eagles have to work out this offseason. Their biggest issue lies with their $128 million quarterback in Carson Wentz. After a dismal and drama-filled year, it is unknown whether Wentz will be back in Philly for the 2021 season.

The situation seems to be getting more uncomfortable. There have been no words from Wentz on what he thinks the future holds. The Eagles haven’t given any indication that they are committing to Wentz at quarterback. An Eagle legend provided his input on what the team should do with the disgruntled signal-caller.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ situation with Carson Wentz

Much hasn’t changed pertaining to the Carson Wentz situation for the Eagles. Wentz was planning to request a trade from the team, but that hasn’t happened yet. The firing of Doug Pederson helped increase the chances Wentz stays in Philly. The team said it isn’t interested in trading their quarterback, hoping the two sides can fix this fractured relationship.

Despite their lack of interest in trading Wentz, their phone lines are open, and they are listening to callers, per Adam Schefter. According to Schefter, it could take at least a first-round pick for the Eagles to be intrigued about a potential trade. Philadelphia doesn’t seem in a rush to make a trade, wanting to focus on fixing their relationship with Wentz first.

There has been speculation about where Wentz could go if he is moved. One team that has become a possibility is the Indianapolis Colts. They have the pieces around him, having talented skill players, a dominant offensive line, and a great defense. There is also Frank Reich, who was Wentz’s offensive coordinator when he was playing the best football of his career. That is the logical destination, but other teams could use his services.

Being in a hardcore sports town like Philadelphia is tough for a quarterback. Fans expect excellence on every play, and Wentz didn’t come close to that in 2020. Having dealt with the frantic Philly fans during his playing days, a former Eagle thinks it’s best if Wentz is traded away from the team.

Donovan McNabb thinks the Eagles should trade Carson Wentz 

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Given how the Eagles’ quarterback situation is now, fans probably miss Donovan McNabb. McNabb is a Philadelphia sports legend, helping the Eagles make three straight conference championship games. He’s had his bad moments in Philly also, but none as bad as Wentz’s past season with the team. McNabb thinks it’s best if the Eagles trade Carson Wentz when asked about it on the Zach Gelb Show.

“Yes. But the problem is Howie [Roseman] is so tied to him that his job pretty much is on the line for this… So Carson is tied to the hip with him. If they trade Carson, then that puts a little gasoline around Howie that something has to be done or you gotta get a great trade for Carson to help you out,” said McNabb per NBC Sports Philadelphia.

He also pointed out how new head coach Nick Sirianni didn’t commit to Wentz. Sirianni dodged questions related to the situation, preaching competition amongst all positions. On the other hand, Wentz hasn’t said anything publicly since Dec. 6, which sends a message that he doesn’t want anything to do with the team.

“Go back to the press conference that Nick had. Did he say that Carson Wentz was his guy? Did he even mention anything about the starting quarterback position? He’s talking about, well, I don’t know who the starting quarterback will be. Well, first of all, didn’t you get brought in there to possibly help Carson and to keep Carson there? And you say that? That just tells you more,” said McNabb.

Donovan McNabb rips GM Howie Roseman

After the Eagles’ atrocious season, many were calling for the Eagles to fire Doug Pederson and general manager, Howie Roseman. Pederson is gone, but Roseman still has his job. He did put a Super Bowl roster together but have made questionable decisions since. Donovan McNabb is like many Eagle followers, wondering how Roseman still has a job.

“When people are questioning how he even still is working as the GM when he lost his GM job with Chip Kelly, then they brought him back with Doug (Pederson). It helped him win the Super Bowl, but you haven’t done nothing since. So the question is, you fired Doug, but he still has his job?” said McNabb.

It’s going to be a long offseason for the Eagles. They have a bunch of roster decisions to make and could be severely over the cap. It feels like the team can’t move forward without figuring out what to do with Wentz. Whatever they decided to do could carry heavy financial consequences. McNabb believes that the trust is broken between Wentz and the franchise and his trade is inevitable.

“Carson has no confidence in anybody in the organization to make the right decision for him because he feels everybody has turned their back on him. Well, that’s what usually happens when you don’t play well, or people in the organization start talking,” McNabb said.