Donovan Mitchell Takes Subtle Shot at Rudy Gobert After Diagnosed With the Coronavirus

In a swift move on Wednesday night, the NBA decided to suspend the 2019-20 season. It came after it was discovered that Utah Jazz All-Star big man Rudy Gobert had caught the coronavirus. Several hours later, it was determined that Gobert’s teammate Donovan Mitchell had also contracted the virus from him. It didn’t take long for Mitchell to make his first public comments on social media that appeared to take a shot at his teammate’s handling of the situation before being diagnosed with the virus.

Donovan Mitchell diagnosed with coronavirus

The NBA was rocked on Wednesday after it was determined that Gobert had the coronavirus, which led to the league suspending the 2019-20 season.

Gobert is the first player to have the virus, which led to the entire team, staff, and various media around the franchise to undergo tests. The 58 total examinations only had one positive come back from Mitchell.

That led to reports surfacing that Gobert was quite careless in his handling of the matter with him openly within the locker room. His actions put Mitchell in the same tough situation dealing with the virus that has impacted many people across the globe.

It was a matter of time before Mitchell would make his first public comments to that look to have taken a personal shot at Gobert.

Donovan Mitchell’s first comments

The results of Mitchell’s test from Wednesday night came back positive on Wednesday morning as he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Shortly after that, the star guard has taken to social media with a post on Instagram to air out his appreciation for the support he has received in the matter. However, Mitchell looks to have fired away at Gobert’s carelessness as he voiced in the post that “hopefully people can continue to educate themselves and realize that they need to behave responsibly both for their own health and for the well being of those around them.”

That is a definite shot at Gobert’ who reportedly was acting in a manner that showed little seriousness towards the situation on his behalf. Mitchell is now in a spot where he will be quarantined and isolated so that he can fully recover from the virus.

There is no telling how much impact this will have on Mitchell’s relationship with Gobert, but it’s clear that he’s angered by his teammate’s lack of proper behavior with the situation.

What lies ahead of Donovan Mitchell, Jazz players

At this point, it’s still very much a fluid situation around the league, especially for the Jazz.

Mitchell and Gobert will receive more treatment away from the team and others. Meanwhile, the hotel where the Jazz stayed before Wednesday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder has been closed off to the public.

The NBA has allowed other teams to still practice as their training facilities. There is isn’t a timetable laid out for when the NBA will get back on the court for the 2019-20 campaign, but it’s like it extends for a lengthy period. There are still so many questions to answer first before the NBA, or any other sports league can operate safely.

The coronavirus still isn’t’ contained as the United States government is taking many different precautionary actions to help further prevent it from spreading further. The NBA will act according to what is deemed best interest in the health of its players, coaches, staff, and fans.

Other leagues like the NHL and MLB have taken action towards suspending play at this point. It’s a fluid situation that still has many things that must be worked out first to ensure health safety.