Dori Monson, Longtime Seahawks Announcer, Suspended After Transphobic Tweet

Longtime Seattle Seahawks radio host Dori Monson is the latest sports media figure who should set their phone down.

Monson, who has worked on Seahawks radio broadcasts for nearly 20 years, received an indefinite suspension for an offensive tweet. Instead of discussing Russell Wilson’s latest heroics on the air, Monson will do so from the couch.

Here is more on the Seattle Seahawks announcer’s suspension

Dori Monson has worked with the Seahawks since 2002

Born in Seattle, Dori Monson has been an impactful radio host in Seattle since 1995. 

The combination of outspoken political beliefs — Monson identifies himself as a libertarian — and insightful sports knowledge made Monson’s show, “The Dori Monson Show,” one of the West Coast’s most popular programs.

Monson began working on Seahawks radio coverage in 2002 with “Hawk Talk.” 

The veteran announcer also hosts the pre-game, post-game, and halftime shows during Seattle broadcasts. Or, at least he did.

Dori Monson was suspended for a transphobic tweet

Seahawks fans will hear some different voices on the team’s radio broadcasts going forward.

Both the Seahawks and Bonneville Seattle suspended Monson indefinitely. Monson, 59, referenced transgenderism in a now-deleted tweet sent on October 7 during Washington’s gubernatorial debate between incumbent Jay Inslee and challenger Loren Culp.

The tweet read, “Inslee: we follow science in WA. The state where I could go to Olympia tomorrow and change my birth cert to say I was a girl on 10/2/61. HAHAHAHAHA.”

The reference to Oct. 2, 1961, is when Monson was born.

In an interview with The Athletic, Monson took responsibility for his comments but added he thought people misinterpreted the tweet.

“They’re saying you’re laughing at transgender people. No, I’m laughing at Jay Inslee saying we are a science-based state. But I hurt a couple people I care about deeply. I personally called them this morning, said I’m sorry. … If you were hurt by that, I’m sorry. Not where I was going, not my intent.”

KIRO Radio declined comment when reached by The Athletic and ESPN.

Monson isn’t the only broadcaster to land in hot water this year


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Dori Monson is the latest sports media figure who wound up in trouble because of technology.

Sacramento Kings radio announcer Grant Napear lost his radio show in June after he tweeted “All Lives Matter.” Napear also resigned from his job with the Kings. 

Charlotte Hornets radio announcer John Focke lost his position after an offensive tweet. Focke tweeted a racial slur instead of the word “Nuggets” when tweeting about a playoff game between Denver and Utah. 

ESPN left Dave LaMont off the network’s college football coverage after an incident involving him and colleague Maria Taylor. During a conference call in June, LaMont — who thought his phone was on mute — reportedly said Taylor, who is Black, was “venting” while discussing the death of George Floyd.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport recently received a suspension for posting an ad for Manscape, a grooming company. Rapoport said the post violated NFL Network policy because it hadn’t been approved.

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