Draymond Green and Kevin Durant Blasted by ESPN Analyst Who Compared Them to ‘Young Adults Who Blame Their Parents for Everything’

When Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016, he helped form one of the most talented teams in NBA history. Rumors circulated that a 2018 altercation with teammate Draymond Green was the reason for Durant’s departure for Brooklyn in 2019.

Durant joined Green on his video series to discuss the rift and put all the rumors to bed once and for all.

Kevin Durant says the argument with Draymond Green is not the reason he left

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green high five during Golden State Warriors basketball game
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green high five one another during Warriors game | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

During a 2018 regular season game against the Los Angeles Clippers, the two teammates engaged in a heated exchange of words near the Warriors bench.

Durant was upset because he called for the ball in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter. Green failed to pass the ball, instead clumsily turning the ball over. He didn’t even get a shot off, forcing overtime. There was an apparent disagreement between the players, although their word choice left things open to interpretation.

The Warriors suspended Green for his role in the incident. The former Michigan State forward sat down with the current Brooklyn Nets superstar on Bleacher Report’s CHIPS to reveal the truth about what happened and why.

When asked how much the argument impacted his decision to leave Golden State, Durant had some interesting comments.

It wasn’t the argument. It was the way that Steve Kerr and everybody acted like it didn’t happen. Bob Myers and them just tried to discipline you and think that would put the mask over everything.

Kevin Durant

The 11-time All-Star compared the situation to The Last Dance documentary and Scottie Pippen’s refusal to go into the game. He said they needed to get everything out on the table as a team and address the situation. “Let’s just wipe our hands of that and go finish the task,” Durant said of what the team should have done.

Israel Gutierrez criticized Durant and Green on ‘Pardon the Interruption’

Several media members have chimed in on the CHIPS interview. ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez joined Pardon the Interruption, discussing why he was not a fan of Green and Durant blaming the Warriors organization.

“It just reminds me of two young adults whose lives have gone awry, and they just blame their parents for everything,” Gutierrez said. “To take the blame away from yourself, Draymond Green, is kind of confusing here because at the time it seemed like everyone was blaming him.”

He went on to say it appears Green is “living in his legacy.” Gutierrez was referencing the Warriors All-Star’s podcast and his appearances on TNT’s Inside the NBA as a way for Green to “rewrite his own history.”

The ESPN analyst and PTI host Frank Isola also ripped Kevin Durant for mentioning that the players should’ve had a conversation like the Chicago Bulls. Gutierrez even jabbed Green once more, saying he’s neither Pippen nor Michael Jordan in this scenario.

He also suggested Green change the name of his show to the “Spilled Milk Podcast.”

Green asked KD about playing with strong personalities such as himself


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Green said he named the show CHIPS because it referred to the proverbial chips that guys like him play with. He compared his personality to that of several of Durant’s former and current teammates.

The forward said that he, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving have one thing in common. They all have a “chip on their shoulder that sometimes goes too far,” said Green.

Durant responded by saying, “We all go too far, bro, and we all got major chips on our shoulders.” He proceeded to name Green as the teammate of his that went the furthest. He commended Green for being who is unapologetically, a characteristic the Nets star “looked up to.”

The two players finally cleared the air and appeared to be in a better place since their altercation.

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