Draymond Green Is Pissed at the NBA and Just Sent a Stern Message to the Entire Basketball World

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is known for his blunt personality almost as much as he is known for his play on the basketball court. He is never afraid to call people out. In fact, Draymond Green, who has seen his stats take a dip this season, recently called out the NBA and its treatment of its players in a major way.

So, what’s at the root of his frustration? It all has to do with Andre Drummond’s current situation with the Cavs.

The Cavs aren’t playing Andre Drummond anymore

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Andre Drummond has had an excellent season so far for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is averaging 17.5 points per game, 13.5 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks. However, Drummond is in the final year of his contract and would probably move on from the Cavs in free agency if he were to stay with the team the rest of the season.

The Cavs, though, would like to at least get something out of Andre Drummond. This has led to them deciding to sit him, despite the fact that he is healthy, while they look for a trade. Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman discussed the situation with Drummond and Drummond’s agent. They all reportedly decided together that he would remain with the Cavaliers but just no longer play, per ESPN

ESPN also reported that this will now help the Cavs work with Jarrett Allen to make him the team’s future at the starting center position.

Drummond isn’t the only NBA star in this situation, though. The Pistons are also sitting Blake Griffin while they either figure out a trade or buyout, per ESPN.

Situations like this have Draymond Green fed up, too.

Draymond Green is pissed about what’s happening in the NBA

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Draymond Green saw the Andre Drummond-Cavs situation first hand recently as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cavaliers on Feb. 15. This led to him sending out a stern message to the entire NBA.

“To watch Andre Drummond, before the game, sit on the sidelines, then go to the back, and to come out in street clothes because a team is going to trade him, it’s bulls***,” Green said, according to ESPN.

Green then brought up James Harden‘s situation, as Harden essentially forced a trade from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets.

“James Harden asked for a trade, and essentially dogged it … but he was castrated for wanting to go to a different team,” Green said, according to ESPN. “Everybody destroyed that man. And yet a team can come out and say, ‘Oh, we want to trade a guy,’ and then that guy has to go sit, and if he doesn’t stay professional, then he’s a cancer. And he’s not good in someone’s locker room, and he’s the issue.”

Green then continued to highlight the double-standard in the NBA.

“And we’re seeing situations of Harrison Barnes getting pulled off the bench,” Green said, per ESPN. “Or DeMarcus Cousins finding out he’s traded in an interview after the All-Star Game, and we continue to let this happen. But I got fined for stating my opinion on what I thought should happen with another player, but teams can come out and continue to say, ‘Oh, we’re trading guys, we’re not playing you.’ And yet we’re to stay professional.”

Draymond Green certainly makes some good points. Many people criticize NBA players, and players in other leagues, for wanting out of their situations. This is while it’s OK for teams to openly say they are looking to trade players.

However, it’s hard to see this narrative and the league’s treatment of players changing anytime soon. It has been this way for a long time. Maybe, though, Green’s comments can help lead to that eventual change.

Time will tell.

Draymond Green’s stats are down, but the Warriors are still playoff contenders

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Despite his frustrations after the game, Green and the Golden State Warriors helped their playoff situation in their win over the Cavs on Monday.

Golden State is just barely in the Western Conference playoff picture right now. They are in eighth place with a 15-13 record. Draymond Green’s stats are down compared to other years, too. He is averaging 5.2 points per game, his lowest average since his rookie season. This is in addition to 5.6 rebounds, the fewest since his second season in the league.

However, Green has been a great facilitator, averaging a career-high 8.3 assists per game. He also recorded 16 assists in the win over the Cavs and has recorded 10 or more assists in six of his last seven games. His play and leadership, in addition to the stellar play of Stephen Curry, are big reasons why the Warriors are even in the playoff picture.

If everyone can stay healthy, and if Stephen Curry can continue to play at the MVP level he has been playing at, then Green and the Warriors should be back in the playoffs this season. Maybe, they will add someone like Andre Drummond, too, who could potentially help them go on a deeper postseason run than expected.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference