Drew Brees Is Transforming His Game Like Never Before

Drew Brees has chosen to return for his 20th season after shortly contemplating retirement. The New Orleans Saints star quarterback has shifted into high gear to help guide his team to compete for a Super Bowl. That has led Brees to venture into something that could take his game to the next level in 2020.

Drew Brees decides to continue NFL career

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Following another disappointing playoff exit, the New Orleans Saints headed into the offseason with questions around Drew Brees‘ NFL future.

The conversation around his potential retirement heated up to the point where he decided to take a few weeks to make his choice. Over the last couple of years, Brees has embraced looking into for his next career post his playing days, which he locked himself into a deal with NBC Sports. However, that didn’t wind up dwindling his desire to continuing playing in the NFL.

The 41-year-old chose to return for his 20th season under the same two-year, $50 million with an option for the 2021 campaign. Brees’ return has put the Saints in the position to make another Super Bowl push. With that in mind, the star quarterback is looking to improve one feature of his game before the upcoming season.

Drew Brees hoping to increase deep ball distance

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Over the last couple of years, there have been pressing questions about Drew Brees’ arm strength as he moves into the latter stages of his career. A trend has built over the tail end of the season as his arm looks to wear down.

With that in mind, Brees has taken the initiative to work with Tom House renowned throwing coach for pitchers and quarterbacks to increase his arm strength. House has worked with the star quarterback on various drills that he has resulted in Brees comfortably throwing a football 50 yards, according to Mike Triplett of ESPN.

“Then we started throwing a football about three weeks ago. And his first day out he popped a couple of 45-, 50-yarders like he was 25 years old again,” House said. “And his last workout (less than two weeks ago) he threw a couple balls 57, 58 yards without even trying.”

There have been a few viral videos this offseason of Brees unloading on deep, accurate throws in workouts. These have come in part to the drills that House has put him through in 41-year-old’s backyard. He has spent several weeks spanning towels with a throwing motion and tossing one- and two-pound balls before even using a football. Brees has been adamant about being able to throw the ball 60 yards, which he continues to make progress toward that goal.

Saints eyeing Super Bowl push in 2020

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The fact that Drew Brees is working to improve his arm strength at his point in his career speaks volumes of his dedication to his craft.

That is something that has been lacking from his game for the last several years. Brees had zero completions on five attempts for passes that traveled 35 yards or more in the air beyond the line of scrimmage. His total of passes completed of that distance hasn’t topped double digits dating back to the 2104 season. If he can add that feature to his game, it adds another potential game-changing element to the Saints’ offense.

New Orleans has an opportunity to make a push toward the Super Bowl as a legitimate championship-contending team. There will be plenty of competition with the likes of the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That only heightens the importance of Brees’ performance, which could be the difference in competing for a Super Bowl.