Drew Brees May Already Have His Post-Retirement Plans Lined Up

Following weeks of anticipation, star quarterback Drew Brees decided to continue his illustrious NFL career by re-signing with the New Orleans Saints. The short period of uncertainty around his future did bring about much speculation that he had a strong interest in becoming a broadcaster in retirement. Before that gathered any significant footing, Brees chose to announce his return for his 20th season to extend his career a bit further with the Saints. However, that hasn’t stopped the pursuit of him from a few TV Networks.

Drew Brees re-signs with Saints

Following yet another disappointing loss in the playoffs, it put Brees‘ NFL future front and center around the Saints.

There was much speculation heading into the playoffs that he had a desire to continue playing with his eyes on pursuing multiple Super Bowls. That notion was quickly silenced after New Orleans’ playoff exit as the star quarterback wanted to assess his options at this point in his career, which put into focus his interest in becoming a broadcaster.

Shortly after Super Bowl 54, Brees announced his decision to return for his 20th season that led to him agreeing to another two-year, $50 million deal to remain with the Saints. His re-commitment to New Orleans has brushed aside retirement questions from the time being, but it hasn’t pushed away TV networks from going after him.

TV Networks are still pursuing Drew Brees

In the brief time that Brees had where he contemplated retirement, he had checked out the scene with his representatives gauging the level of interest in him from television network executives.

That begun to circulate his interest in making the move to broadcast booth once he retires. Although Brees decided to return to the Saints this offseason, tv networks such as ESPN, NBC, and Fox have all shown interest in bringing him in, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

ESPN hasn’t yet fully decided if it will go with Levy, Orlovsky and/or Riddick, but it is trying to sign Brees now for “Monday Night Football” after he retires. NBC and FOX also have shown strong interest in Brees post-retirement, and are willing to do deals sooner rather than later.

Among those three networks, ESPN has continued their pursuit of the future Hall of Famer with an offer of around $6.5 million annually, which is about what Jon Gruden received to work in the booth for Monday Night Football coverage. Reports suggest that ESPN has yet to settle in on their broadcast team for the 2020 season, which further indicates their keen interest in adding Brees to the mix.

There has been some speculation that next season could be the last for Brees even though he has inked a two-year contract with the Saints. Nonetheless, Brees has a bright future ahead of him in the broadcast booth.

Drew Brees’ promising future after NFL career

There is no question that Brees still has a strong desire to continue playing as he’s driven to win another Super Bowl.

Regardless of how much longer that he decides to compete, it’s quite clear that he has a bright future ahead of him on the media side as a broadcaster. The fact that several networks are interested in his services without any previous experience demonstrates the promising potential ahead.

Much of that may be fueled by the hope that he can transition as well as Tony Romo has over the last few years, but the opportunity is there for him to prove that he can do that. It’s just a matter of time before Brees is in the broadcast booth for NFL games providing in-game analysis.